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What is Telepathy?


  1. The definition of telepathy is “the claimed ability of humans and other creatures to communicate information from one mind to another, without the use of extra tools such as speech or body language.”
    There is no evidence to prove it exists. It fails “double blind” testing every time, scoring no better than random guessing.
    Hucksters use the myth of it to bilk naive believers out of money.
    Remember: if someone wants you to pay for anything as profound as telepathy, it isn’t real. Only the price is.

  2. ooohh there is already some 1 answer you but just a half part, as this word came out in public might be because of movies, but there is no such a thing is exist ! ! !,.,yea but you can do a little part of that so called 1 sided, that need some exercises, that is only transfer of messages with any visible and electromagnetic contacts, couple of BASICs are
    1) sending of messages to the person you must have at least 3 meetings to know about his/her activities and their timings.
    2) that person must know you by name and even you too.
    3) you must inform him or her when most of the time you were thinking about him/ her.
    4)Either you have picture any thing belong to him or her.
    5) close your eyes start telling him as he/she is being with you but make sure what ever you speak, their is no sound around and don’ t even speak louder just the way its called talk in your heart,.,,,.,.,,{*~^},.,.,.

  3. it’s not real. no matter WHAT people say it is, it’s fake. people think they can talk to eachother through there minds. they just want to make themselfs look cooler and it’s stupid.

  4. telepathy is where you can read minds, The sympathetic affection of one mind by the thoughts, feelings, or emotions of another at a distance, without communication through the ordinary channels of sensation.

  5. Hi,
    Telepathy is the power to communicate by the mind.. Near or far… To ear without words and speak without physica words…
    The reason it is hard to prove it exist is that the brain wave is at a different level when this happens, an is NOT a constant in any human being…
    It definately exist… an you can try your own hability with simple tests… like thinking of someone you know an trying to
    “tell” them by your thoughts to call you on the phone , for instance… If you and the person are close enough (friends or family) the phone should ring soon enough… within minutes if the other is receptive to you…
    You may also notice this between family members, or very close or strong lovers….
    Telepathy is an hability, like signing, drawing, ect… One get the hability through family genes…, but it can be developed as well…
    Of couse it is hard to verify or rate as a scientific subject, just like it is hard to rate a signing voice versus another signing voice, etc…
    One thing is sure… the more positive and strong emotions are surounded in the telepathic message, the more powerful the recipient will connect…
    There are some books on the subjects in any librairy…, but many yet to be written….
    It is simple to say that it does not exist when never experienced or studied…, but once you know enough you may
    form a clearer opinion…
    Good Luck!


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