HomeDiscussion Forumwhat is telepathy? what is the method for communicating telepathy technique?

what is telepathy? what is the method for communicating telepathy technique?


  1. Telepathy is the communication between 2 minds. So pretty much it is hearing each other thoughts. I don’t know of any way you could learn how to do it. As far as I know you have to be born with it… How ever if you really wanted to learn it I am sure you would have to start with a person you are REALLY close to… Some one you know just about every thing about. I would look REEEEALY deep into their eyes and focus. Just have them tink about one thing and one thing only… Concentrate until your head hurts and try to make a guess at what it is… The more you practice the better you get… This is the same for all psychic abilities…

  2. Telepathy is using the mind of one individual to communicate with another individuals mind without using sound or movement physically. Just brain waves. Very controversial and many believe it can’t happen. Never say never. Many say it can happen.

  3. Telepathy allows the mind of two or more people to communicate directly with one another using the power of thought rather than through speech or body language. Whether or not telepathy actually exists is currently being debated. A classic method of sending a message by telepathy involves relaxing your body completely (either seated or lying down), then picturing the face of the person whom you would like to contact (should be someone you know well) and telling the person (in your mind) to do something in a simple message (i.e. “please give me a phone call”, “please write me”, etc.).


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