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What is telepathy? is it real?,can any one with experience shre me some thing about it?


  1. Telepathy (from the Greek τηλε, tele, “distant”; and πάθεια, patheia, “feeling”) is the claimed ability of humans and other creatures to communicate information from one mind to another, without the use of extra tools such as speech or body language. Considered a form of extra-sensory perception or anomalous cognition, telepathy is often connected to various paranormal phenomena such as precognition, clairvoyance and empathy.
    While there have been numerous scientific experiments into telepathy over the years, no positive result has ever resisted scrutiny. Positive results have always been demonstrated to be the result of flawed methodology, statistically erroneous conclusions, or could simply not be replicated by independent researchers.
    At this time, there is no scientific evidence of the existence of telepathy.
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    Telepathy in history
    Unlike many other supernatural occurrences, mention of telepathy is quite rare in historical texts. In the Bible for example, some prophets are described as having the ability to see into the future (precognition), and this seems to be a common claim among ancient people. But the sending and receiving of messages from individual to individual by mind alone seems to be a relatively modern idea.
    Western scientific investigation of telepathy is generally recognized as having begun with the initial program or research of the Society for Psychical Research. The apex of their early investigations was the report published in 1886 as the two-volume work Phantasms of the Living. It was with this work that the term “telepathy” was introduced, replacing the earlier term “thought transference”. Although much of the initial investigations consisted largely of gathering anecdotal accounts with follow-up investigations, they also conducted experiments with some of those who claimed telepathic abilities. However, their experimental protocols were not very strict by today’s standards.
    In 1917, psychologist John E. Coover from Stanford University conducted a series of telepathy tests involving transmitting/guessing playing cards. His participants were able to guess the identity of cards with overall odds against chance of 160 to 1; however, Coover did not consider the results to be significant enough to report this as a positive result.
    Perhaps the most well-known telepathy experiments were those of J. B. Rhine and his associates at Duke University, beginning in the 1927 using the distinctive ESP Cards of Karl Zener (see also Zener Cards). These involved more rigorous and systematic experimental protocols than those from the 19th century, used what were assumed to be ‘average’ participants rather than those who claimed exceptional ability, and used new developments in the field of statistics to evaluate results. Results of these and other experiments were published by Rhine in his popular book Extra Sensory Perception, which popularized the term “ESP”.
    Another influential book about telepathy in its day was Mental Radio, published in 1930 by the Pulitzer prize-winning author Upton Sinclair (with foreword by Albert Einstein). In it Sinclair describes the apparent ability of his wife at times to reproduce sketches made by himself and others, even when separated by several miles, in apparently informal experiments that are reminiscent of some of those to be used by remote viewing researchers in later times. They note in their book that the results could also be explained by more general clairvoyance, and they did some experiments whose results suggested that in fact no sender was necessary, and some drawings could be reproduced precognitively.
    By the 1960s, many parapsychologists had become dissatisfied with the forced-choice experiments of J. B. Rhine, partly because of boredom on the part of test participants after many repetitions of monotonous card-guessing, and partly because of the observed “decline effect” where the accuracy of card guessing would decrease over time for a given participant, which some parapsychologists attributed to this boredom.
    Some parapsychologists turned to free response experimental formats where the target was not limited to a small finite predetermined set of responses (e.g., Zener cards), but rather could be any sort of picture, drawing, photograph, movie clip, piece of music etc.
    As a result of surveys of spontaneous psi experiences which reported that more than half of these occurred in the dreaming state, researchers Montaque Ullman and Stanley Krippner at the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York, undertook a series of experiments to test for telepathy in the dream state. A “receiver” participant in a soundproof, electronically shielded room would be monitored while sleeping for EEG patterns and rapid eye movements (REMs) indicating dream state. A “sender” in another room would then attempt to send an image, randomly selected from a pool of images, to the receiver by focusing on the image during the detected dream states. Near the end of each REM period, the receiver would be awakened and asked to describe their dream during that period. The researchers claim that the data gathered suggest that sometimes the sent image was incorporated in some way into the content of the receiver’s dreams.
    Recent experiments
    Ganzfeld experiments have received widespread attention in recent times, and some believe they provide some experimental evidence of telepathy[citation needed]. Such experiments, however, are generally believed to be flawed by the scientific community[1][2].
    Other experiments have been conducted by the biologist Rupert Sheldrake, who claims strong results. These include experiments into:
    The ‘sense of being stared at’, in which the subject guesses whether he/she is being stared at by another person
    Whether a subject can tell who is phoning them before picking up the receiver
    Whether dogs can tell when their owners are about to return home.
    Non-classical science
    In seeking a scientific basis for telepathy, some psi proponents have looked to aspects of quantum theory as a possible explanation of telepathy. In general, psi theorists have made both general and specific analogies between the “unaccepted unknowns” of religion and parapsychology, and the “accepted unknowns” in the quantum sciences.
    However, physicists state that quantum mechanical effects apply only to objects at sub-nanometer scales, and since the physical components of the mind are all much larger than this, these quantum effects must be negligible. Still, the true definition of what is “negligible” is perhaps unclear. Some physicists, such as Nick Herbert [3], have pondered whether quantum mechanical effects would permit forms of communication, perhaps including telepathy, that aren’t dependent on “classical” mechanisms such as electromagnetic radiation. Experiments have been conducted (by scientists such as Gao Shen at the Institute of Quantum Physics in Beijing, China) to study whether quantum entanglements can be verified between human minds. Such experiments usually include monitoring for synchronous EEG patterns between two hypothetically “entangled” minds. Thus far, no conclusive evidence has been revealed.[4]
    Technologically-assisted telepathy
    Some, for example the science-fiction writer Spider Robinson in the book Deathkiller, have envisioned neurological research leading to technologically-assisted telepathy, also called techlepathy. As of 2004, scientists have demonstrated that neuroimaging can be successfully used to recognise distinct thought patterns, and tell, for example, whether experimental monkeys thought about juice or water (California Institute of Technology, 2004), and whether a human participant thought about a rotating cube or moving his paralyzed arm (European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, 2001). Both implanted electrodes recording neurons’ activity and outside electrodes recording electromagnetic activity of the brain can be used.

  2. I don’t believe that you can read each others thoughts, however, I know that if you know someone really well and are quite intimate with them and share openly with them about your deepest feelings, after a while you can pretty much finish there sentences for them. If you know someone that well, it is natural to know what they are feeling. My wife and I joke that we can read each others minds, but its only that we know each other so well. I have made friends that close as well and it is very common with siblings.

  3. Telepathy is nonverbal, (no physical action involved, either) mental communication between two people, from one mind to another. it’s very common for siblings or people who are very close to have some sort of telepathy. Like being on the same channel or wavelength. It’s like when two people think of the same random thing at the same time, for no reason. My sister and I used to do that. I bet if you asked people, most would be able to recall atleast one incident.

  4. It is the supposed ability of one sentient being to communicate with another simply by thinking about it. And it is not real. The problem is, it’s such an appealing thing for folks who don’t take the trouble to think the question through logically, that a lot of money has been made by charlatans who insist it is real. Those charlatans – fakers, quacks, con men and women every one, write lots of books on the topic. They hold public demonstrations that purport to demonstrate telepathy. Some of them are quite good at the necessary trickery and even some of the brightest of men and women have been fooled. But it’s all a sham. Unless, of course, YOU can do it – and PROVE it! Do that, and you’ll recieve a million dollars cold hard cash! Submit your “proof” to the James Randi Foundation (google it). Get rich, lay back and let the good times roll!

  5. I’ve seen lots of proof that there is something going on which is out side the norm. Recently I was playing a game called Taboo where someone has to get people to say a word, but can’t use certain key words. I noticed that the results tended to have less to do with the clues given, and more to do with certain people connecting.
    One time on a camping trip I created a psychic link which allowed us to keep tabs on each other without needing those family band radios.
    Personally, I do spiritual healing with singing bowls. I play the bowl in someone’s hand, and feel the vibrations as they extend through the person, and can tell them where the vibrations are and what they’re doing.
    We all have moments of intuition when we know things which are beyond what we would expect to know. I believe that it’s only partly due to people connecting directly to each other, and more to do with a more general connection to the cosmic consciousness, and our interactions through the cosmic consciousness
    Cosmic consciousness is just my way of visualizing it. Some of my friends who are more psychically developed think of it as a vision realm, or spirit realm, but that’s basically where the business is done. The trick is to allow your brain to achieve an alpha state which will allow you to reach into the greater intuition of existence
    Part of the trick is that the intuition sounds very much like your own internal dialog, so you have to know your own thoughts so that you can recognize when thoughts are not your own

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