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what is taoism?

i want to follow taoism. is it a religion or a philosophy? do taoist believe in any gods?
can you please give me some details about taoism?
thanks 🙂


  1. Up to you. Like Buddhism, you can take it as a religion or philosophy. If you skip any rituals, and simply let it be, living it, it is a philosophy. If China goes back to these, even as philosophies, she will turn from being a materialistic country to a spiritual country, and all the world will benefit therefrom.
    And China will turn spiritual!

  2. tao, literally ‘the way’, also spelled ‘dao’, an ancient chinese religion that was and is fused with other beliefs, and can include gods and goddesses. probably before you say you want to follow it you should know what it is. there is very little pure taoism, it has largely fused with buddhism and other belief systems.

  3. John Blofeld’s “Taoism: The Quest for Immortality,” and Mark Prophet’s “Climb the Highest Mountain,” are excellent.


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