Home Discussion Forum what is taoism, I hear it alot here?

what is taoism, I hear it alot here?

yeh well what is it? don’t try to convert me, just tell what it is


  1. Taoism is an Eastern philosophy/religion based on the work of several (mostly) Chinese philosophers, notably Kwang Ze and Lao Tseu.
    Taoists hold that the Universe is a balance of two principles. Yin (The female principle, the Earth, darkness, the mysterious, etc…) and Yang (The male principle, the Heaven, light, etc..) They do not believe in good and evil, but instead believe that good is a result of all things being in balance, in their proper place.
    They also believe that the Tao is the underlying force that ordains the Universe. The Tao is a mysterious and mystical concept, which they explicitly say can’t be fully understood.


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