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What is Taoism (Daoism)?

My friend’s dad is a Taoist and I’m curious what it is, or what they believe in exactly. Can anyone give me some sort of explanation?
And don’t tell me to ask him. He’s at work in the Gulf of Mexico and won’t be back until March.


  1. Taoism is the belief in dualism, aka. where there is good there is evil etc.
    they do not believe in a god but in the fulfillment of the human nature.

  2. Daoism was created by a Chinese philosopher, Laozi. Basically, this is a religion quite like Buddhism. It teaches to be one with nature and give up all earthly attachments.

  3. Taoists are believed to have their own ‘independant studies’ they don’t believe in good versus evil and they do not believe in prayer, because they feel like their is nothing that they need saving from. They do not believe in death as a bad thing, but more so just another phase of life. If you want to know more, I would recommend to http://www.beliefnet.com/Faiths/2001/06/What-Taoists-Believe.aspxgoing for more information. There, I really hope that I helped!

  4. It’s the “mutual arising of opposite” so that given the nothingness state of Reality, when something is created, it automatically, and at the exact same time, creates it’s opposite. The entire universe came into being this way, so space/matter, light/darkness, male/female, etc. were all created at the same time as a dualistic illusion. That’s why the Taoist have a mandala with a circle with an S in the middle with one side dark, yin, or the female, set alongside the light, yang male side, and the S line between them represents how they create each other. They meditate on this mandala and it calms their minds down as they reflect on how their thoughts that cause them suffering stems from this basic illusion of life.


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