What is taoism belief on evil spirits? creation? and the afterlife?

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how did taoism start?

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its a cult which is explored in this book…kingdom of the cults by Martin. Check it out


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3 brief lines about tao a.k.a. lao-tzu in Martins book pages 321 326 & 380 one line each isn’t informative at all.


I think I have claircognizance. Any help???

I have always been a little sensitive. Seeing the occasional ghost, sharing the occasional thought. Never on purpose and always at random....

Promote Religious Tolerance…?

**has been recieved from several pagan forums. I'm just passing it along** All practitioners of Earth religions, Wicca, Shamanism, Druidry etc, are being encouraged to...

Can I do some spells like what a witch does?

I am serious. I heard witchcraft is true and I want to cast spells for curiousity not for anything particular. I won't abuse any...

How does life on Earth depend on the Sun Energy?

Could anybody tell me or post websites where i can get the information i tried to google it but other stuff shows up. G2G

I read that the right hand severed from a hanged man is a valuable occult item. What function does it serve?

I read this from many sources but they don't mention how it's used and what benefit it provides? Does anyone know? I...
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