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what is tantra religion?

What is tantra? What are the important elements of tantric belief and practice?
Explain the theory of rasa: what is it, and how does it work? Who are the two most famous Indian thinkers to comment on it? When were they writing?


  1. This gives you most of what you need to know
    Tantra is a religious philosophy according to which Shakti is usually the main deity worshipped, and the universe is regarded as the divine play of shakti and shiva.The word Tantra also applies to any of the scriptures commonly identified with the worship of Shakti.
    Tantra deals primarily with spiritual practices and ritual forms of worship, which aim at liberation from ignorance and rebirth

  2. It’s when you take your genitals and touch another person’s genitals. You pass sexual energy to and from the genitals. Then you make out and have sex.

  3. Tantra is a form of Yoga that is based on cultivating the orgasm. It can be practiced alone but is way more fun with a partner.

  4. Tantra is not a religion. It is a doctrine or philosophy that is involved in a number of rituals and disciplines as well as in meditation. Tantra figures in Hinduism as well as in Mahayana Buddhism.
    Tantra comes from dialogues between Shiva-Shakti and Agama.
    The philosophy can be applied to yoga, sex and any number of things. Tantra is NOT sex, nor is it limited to yoga, as stated in some of these posts.
    If you google “tantra” or “Tantrism,” you’ll find a number of online sites that answer all your questions.

  5. How do you know that there were 2 famous Indian thinkers that commented on it? How did you know about the term, “rasa,” if you don’t know what Tantra is?

  6. As a Buddhist teacher in the west I like to break these concepts down into simple language. Tantra is seen in Buddhism and Hinduism as the involvement of Shakti which is universal energy like “The Force” in simple language. Tantric involves deities who are the manifestations of the Divine energy like Shiva in Hinduism or Mahakala in Buddhism and Kali in Hinduism or Tara in Buddhism. The sexual aspect is based on the relationship between Shiva and Kali — both forms the creative and destructive compliment each other for a truly whole experience. However tantra in religion also refers to protector deities who guide us from the heavens to bring out the best in our own hearts and minds and missions to help other sentient beings.


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