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What is "tantra, or "the tantra?"?

Please clue me into this. What is “tantra, or “the tantra?” What the heck is tantric sex?


  1. TANTRA [Tantra] , in both Hinduism and Buddhism, esoteric tradition of ritual and yoga known for elaborate use of mantra , or symbolic speech, and mandala , or symbolic diagrams; the importance of female deities, or Shakti ; cremation-ground practices such as meditation on corpses; and, more so in Hindu than in Buddhist tantra, the ritual use of wine, meat, and sexual intercourse. Tantric practices use both ritual and meditation to unify the devotee with the chosen deity. In Hindu Tantra, practice is graded into three types, corresponding to three classes of devotees: the animal, i.e., those in whom the guna, or quality, of tamas (darkness) predominates; the heroic, those in whom the guna of rajas (activity) predominates; and the divine, those in whom sattva (goodness) predominates (see Hindu philosophy ). The practice of the heroic devotee entails actual use of the five elements, called the five m ‘s: fish ( matsya ), meat ( mamsa ), wine ( madya ), aphrodisiac cereals ( mudra ), and sexual intercourse ( maithuna ). The animal devotee, not yet ready for the heroic practice, performs the rituals with material symbols; for the divine devotee the rituals are purely internal and symbolic. The object of the rituals, attainable only by the divine devotee, is to awaken kundalini energy, which is identified with Shakti, and merge with the Godhead. In Buddhist Tantra, or Vajrayana, in contrast to the Hindu, the female principle of “wisdom” ( prajna ) is seen as static, whereas the male, or “means” ( upaya ), is active. In Buddhism, rituals that appear to break basic moral precepts have for the most part been dropped, but the complex meditation practices have been retained.

  2. I can look that up and copy and paste it from wikipedia too…but translate it to one or two sentances in plain normal words would be nice…

  3. It is quantum mechanics. Based on theory that every form has a relative sound, and a relative vibration .
    Using a form called Yantra ( a metal design or engraved drawing), a sound is used (called mantra) to cause a matching vibration, which can be released to get desired results !
    The combination of Yantra and Mantra is known as tantra.

  4. Tantra is the machinery, the entire architecture with nuts and bolts that make any system run.
    Good tantra makes the system run.
    Bad tantra breaks it like a machine that has worn out.
    Tantra is truely a way to achieve liberation.
    If one is able to overcome the superstitions like
    the 5 Ms –
    5 Ms as proclaimed by MANY tantrics are
    Meat, Wine, Sex, Extrica and Pee.
    Beware …. These are just like the skins of watermelon.
    You don’t really need to eat the skins of watermelon if you want to eat the watermelon fruit right ?
    Tantra is Bhakti of the Divine Mother.
    It does not teach bad things like adultry, unlimited and uncontrolled appesement of pleasure seeking wild mind,
    theft, deceit, violence. Never !
    Mother will never like such a person no matter how much big he will proclaim himself as a tantric.
    And thus will always remain devoid of the true realization.
    True purpose of tantra will elude him forever since the divine mother will not like him.
    Even if such a perverted tantric, a person of low morals is able to achieve something at a low level — like majic or something – he will not be able to keep it — he will be made to use it until he loses all his tiny powers. Then he becomes like a man without limbs. Unable to walk further on the path, rather on any path.
    Be a person of good ethics, behavior and follow morality.
    Even if you want to study Tantra.
    DO NOT fall prey to popular superstitions.
    Do not chase Tantric Sex.
    It is not necessary.
    The purpose of Tantric Sex is only to test the aspirant .. if at all any. Like can you remain nonchalant and in totally meditative state instead of enjoying sex ?
    This test is not likely to be passed by anyone without high level or growth in one of the true spiritual paths.
    (See the refernce to this in the life of Ramkrishna Paramhans whose disciples formed Ramkrishna Misson – a world wide spritual organization – Swami Vivekananda being the pioneer of it)
    So… just don’t bother about the 5 Ms described above.
    That includes sex (and Tantric Sex) as well.
    They are just peripheral accessaries to Tantra but not essential.
    More often than not they act as deterrants and causes for deviations from the path.
    Instead learn to love the 3 divine mothers just as you would love your real mother : MahaKali, MahalLaxmi and MahaSaraswati, if you are interested in Tantra. Mothers like truely innocent childern.
    They despise deceits and bad people (that includes funny tantrics too).
    Caveat Emptor :
    “Tantic Sex” is actual sex done with the intention that the lady will come completely under control of the fuker for the rest of her life once the sex is over. In tantric sex one really screws the lady until she is totally fucked but our guy does not ejaculate.
    All the time during the sex he is just dominating and ensuring that the woman remains his “mental slave” for the rest of the life.
    I do not suggest that good people should indulge themselves into such stupidities.
    Neither does Tantra require anything like that to be done.

  5. Tantra is Asian beliefs and practices. In the West it’s known as a general term which relates to sexual practice as a spiritual evolutionary scheme .


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