What is spiritual awakening? Wouldn't you know if you were spiritual awakened?

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Something unexplainable happened to me when i went to church with a friend. I only been to church 4 times in my life. I tried to explain the feeling to my friend and she said that i had a spiritual awakening, but i never had the chance to ask her.

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I think it is like a calling from God. It would be when you start to want to do things for God – when you’ve grown beyond what we call the stage of being an “infant” Christian. You actually start to work hard for the Lord and make your life about Him. I’ve had that kind of spiritual awakening and am struggling to make my life a tool in God’s hand.


Churches are designed to have that effect on people. You can experience a similar sensation while viewing a fashion parade, or watching a rock concert. Music can especially do this to you. That’s why the Catholics and others have choirs, they get “under your skin.” Religion is art. Enjoy.


i have never had it myself, but, my sister did. she has changed everything about herself. i like her now. if you change your behavior for the better you had a spiritual awakening.


I was in my bathroom (yes bathroom) where I did lot’s of drugs, and also said many times in that room I wanted to die. That same room, I had a spiritual awakening. I was writing down my thoughts and all of a sudden I started writing about God and how much he loved me and that I needed to live for Him. These were not my thoughts I was writing, but I believe a message from God. All of a sudden I was crying and confessing my need for a savior. I had that “unexplainable” feeling from my head to my toes. It was the greatest most amazing moment in my life. In my teenage years my parents dedicated their lives to Jesus and I rebelled and knew the truth, just never wanted any part of it. It’s been 3 years since that happened to me in my bathroom and I love Jesus with my whole being. He saved my life and He is real. That is my “spiritual awakening” and I’ve never been the same! Praise God!
God bless you in your new life.


I would love it if you could describe exactly what happened. I love hearing stories like that. I have had several of them in my life. Click on my profile and read my answer to “Why do you believe in God?” I wrote a story there!
You do not need to be in a church in order to have a spiritual awakening. Even people who have never step foot in a church have had them. People of all walks of life and backgrounds, even those who don’t believe in God have had them.
I think that everybody has a different definition of what spiritual awakening means. What it would mean for me is when I truly “wake up” at the moment and feel an incredible presence of something more powerful, beautiful, loving that is greater than myself. It has an incredible impact on myself, it is very healing, it causes me to be more loving, to be more aware of myself, who I am, etc.


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