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What is something I could study that is similar to astrology but more useful and accepted?

All of my relatives think studying astrology is such a waste of time, but I love analyzing natal charts and compatibility….how could my interest in astrology translate to a more “respectable” field?


  1. only palmistry is best similar to astrology.
    natal charts and compatibility.good it has more work to be done.

  2. Well astrology is a science. So you could transfer all those interests into physics. Also drawing up charts and graphs and working out statistics is a mathematical technique. So you could do maths. It will be the same approach to any problem or unknown value. Employers will be very impressed by seeing maths on your resume too. It will get you far. So i’d say i agree with your family, astrology is a silly choice within the academic field.
    However, you could always learn that stuff on the side outside of school. So it’s not like you are rejecting it from your life completely.

  3. Astrology itself can tell U what U will be good at.
    One who has a potential( 5th house) in occult sciences ( 8th house) can be an astrologer.
    I am implying 5th -8th house/lord connection here.
    Ketu involved with 10th house or moon is necessary for intuitive power.
    Besides U need talking capability( 2nd house/lord strong or in Raj-yoga).
    Loving something and being good at it are 2 different things.
    Connecting astrology with other faculties of study would not be appropriate.
    U would notice that its the 5th house occupants and its lord’s environment
    that influence your capabilities.If a high no of planets influence that house
    you land up possessing multiple capabilities.
    This love for reading natal chart might just be a passing influence of 8th lord.
    So check out your core potential and make your decision accordingly.
    You can take up some distant learning programs in astrology in your free time.

  4. Psychology, sociology, and physics all tie in closey to astrology. In fact, much of modern astrology is based on psychological concepts for delineations.


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