What is something i can study in college that deals with religion angels demons the occult rituals christian ?

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practices, something kinda out there, like da vinci code mixed with constantine and history. i hate to use movies to express my point but i cant think of any other way, im thinking theology angelology demonology, am i right?

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Stupidity Is Not A Handicap

Well, you could always look into Anthropology, and then go into Cultural Anthropology, and then from there specialize in ritualistic anthropology.
I’m sure most junior colleges offer some sort of paranormal (at least, they do where I live) class(es).
Also, most churches have some sort of paranormal team. If not, they should know a church with similar beliefs that do. You can look into those as well.


But you’d either have to go to Atlanta, Georgia, or London to actually study this stuff, lol.

Priestess Jean

Perhaps they have a mythology course.

Jolene Bertelle

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