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What is some great music to listen to while practicing tai chi ?


  1. check out winds of creation by decapitated or satanica by behemoth. those songs will definately get you in the tai chi zone!!!!!!!!!

  2. Some of the other answers are pretty humorous…
    I quite like Darshan Ambient – meditative without being too cheesy. 🙂
    If you’re into classical Debussy and Philip Glass are both quite nice. For something a bit different but folky/meditative Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu (australian aboriginal) might be worth a try. These are all on iTunes.
    Depending on what you like to get out of your practice, but considering that you’ve posted in the Martial Arts section, it might be worth trying to ‘relax under pressure’. Put it this way – you put a lot of effort into relaxation but do you think you could maintain that in a confrontation? Really?? There are a few ways to learn to relax under pressure (one way is to strap on some gloves and see if you can do it). You might like to try relaxing in non-relaxing circumstance to see if you can still go as deep when the environment is not relaxing. Another thing I like to try to doing something *very* ‘yang’ say running or hitting a bag and then do some tai chi and see if I can still get there (answer is no but I’m getting better)…


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