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What is Shamanism? Religions…?


  1. Shamanism is a religion that is based of a man or woman who maintains connections with the spiritual world and can predict the future and feelings of the surrounding spirits. Shintoism has some shaman qualities to it and many indigenous people believed in shaman religion.

  2. In chinese, sa man jiao? the northern part of china origin religion. Before buddist thinking enter……they already existed!!!

  3. it the belief that we are all connected, physically, mentally and emotionally; we all have an impact upon each other; we must respect the earth we live on and there are numerous rites and rituals that are often performed. these differ from one shaman to another, but are based on the same principles.
    here is a link that explains it quite nicely –
    “Shamanism is very likely our most ancient way of communicating with Spirit. As we live our lives on Earth, we live in relationship with all the other inhabitants of our planet: the rocks, the animals, the trees and plants, the birds, the winds and the waters, the insects and the mountains. All these are Beings who, like us, are alive, conscious, intelligent, and have spiritual natures beyond the physical. We all depend on each other for survival and well-being.
    Shamanism is very simple: all life forms are regarded as peers, in full possession of Spirit, Knowledge and Power. All forms of life are Sacred. It makes sense to stay aware; to keep the lines of communication open with the life forms around us; to nurture relationship between the human non-human communities. “

  4. A Shaman is a spiritual leader or healer who has been trained in the highest order of his or her religion.
    Shamanism is NOT a religion unto itself… it is only one aspect of many Religions all over the world…
    I’m sure that there are people who teach “shamanic practice” as a religion unto itself but that is a modern trend…
    Native American tribes have Shamen, so do the Chinese herbalists, as do the Aboriginal people of Australia. (Although they may all call them different names)
    Not all of these people believe exactly the same thing. They may seem similar to us on the surface but they have wildly different ideas on how to lead their people.
    So if someone teaches you the ONE way that a Shaman is supposed to believe, then they are just wrong.
    I know a self-described Shaman who smokes pot and plays X-box all day… I would think some faithful people would be very disappointed to follow him.
    I normally love to use Wikipedia as a reference, but even their article is a little too cut and dry on this topic.

  5. Shamanism is a term coined by Michael Harner that comes from a Siberian tribal word for its practitioners who were called “shaman”. You can check out his website
    The practice of Shamanism is ancient going back ten of thousands of years and I look at it as the root of all religion. Shamanism is not really a religion it is more of a spiritual practice. Shamans were the wise man and women of the tribe. They were healers, counselors and problem solvers. They knew the secrets of the world and used their intimate knowledge to aid the tribe, they knew what plants cured what illness, what the behavior of animals meant ect… They also knew the secrets of the world beyond, the lower and upper worlds the world of spirits. Shaman’s with the aid of their power animals and teachers could safely journey between this world and the others to find information and heal.
    The journey would involve the use of dancing, drumming, chanting and in some cases the use of native plants with narcotic qualities. The journey is like visualization. The Shaman will travel to the lower world by going down into the earth or the upper world by going up into the sky. There they will meet their power animal(s) who will be their guide and protector. Once there the Shaman will ask their power animal a question, search for something or perform healing ect. During the journey the Shaman’s mind is kind of in two places at once. It is almost like a dream that you are just waking up from, while you will see, hear, feel and smell things during the journey you are still slightly aware of the drumming or chanting going on in the background.
    Power animals are commonly connected with Shamanism however there are teachers as well. Teachers could be a deceased relative, friend or any divine being (God, Angels, Saints ect) The various Power animals and teachers are honored and thanked for their protection and their guidance.
    In the tribal tradition not just anyone could become a shaman, he or she had to be initiated. A shaman may be initiated thru various methods such as visions they received during a near death experience, or sickness, however there is an experience called a Shamanistic Death, which is a symbiotic death and might be like being eaten or dismembered ect and being put back together again or reborn. Once the person is identified as being a potential shaman he or she would of course train for many years.
    We today in our modern society do not have access to such ancient knowledge of the earth, plants and animals nor do we generally have access to people that would be able to explain our experiences or to initiate us.
    However I feel that you do not have to a shaman to practice shamanism if you feel that shamanism feels right to you try it. I myself practice shamanism but I am by no means a shaman.


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