What is Shamanism and what do they believe?






  1. Shamanism is basically a range of traditional beliefs and practices that has to do with communication to the spirit world. The person who communicates to the spirits is called a shaman.
    It’s really interesting.
    But if you’re looking for something more specific you should find out the name of the shamanistic religion.

  2. Alot of traditional beliefs about communicating with and entering the spirit world through dreams,visions and trances, but dont get shamans and necromancers confused

  3. Shamanism is a spiritual practice that is related to several different religions around the world. The Celtic Shaman does not do or believe the same as, say, the African Tribal Shaman, or the native American Shaman, or the Polynesian shaman, etc. These people are people who seek the spirit world for the benefit of their tribe or group and they use different ways and believe different things. Mostly they believe that humans can and do travel to spirit realms and, in those realms, can learn things and interact with the spirits in such ways as to bring healing or good fortune to an individual or tribe.

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