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What is scrying? And does a crystal ball work, or just for show?

do they really see anything in a crystal ball, or just in their mind?


  1. Scrying is looking into a reflective surface (crystal, water, mirror) and entering a trance like state. unlike the tarot or runes where you’re seeing patterns you are seeing images. So i’ve been told on the scrying front. I’ve never tried it myself. Though it is on the to-do-list

  2. mist_dark is right about what scrying is, and I to have that on my to-do list. Haven’t found the right style scrying bowl yet. The bowl has a black bottom and you add water to it. It like the crystal ball are tools of focus. You are the one to whom the images come.

  3. If you look at that wikipedia link it explains it all.
    A crystal ball works if you believe in it. It involves staring at it for a lengthy period of time, until you start to see objects appear in the crystal ball. Some people use drugs to attune their senses to the “spiritual realm”, some people use hypnosis, some people just stare at it forever. Some people just pretend.

  4. I think the only part of the answer missing here is the fact that while some people really see images in the crystal ball, most people are using the crystal ball for focus while they let their brain go into a trance like state. In this state you may “see” images in your mind kind of like a memory or a dream. These are the images most people are talking about when they describe seeing something “in” the crystal ball. Have you ever seen the images in a 4D book? The ones that have the weird picture and if you look at it just right and your eyes sort of unfocused you can see the image in the picture? Scrying for me is alot like that.


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