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What is salvation in relation to the lundalin piercing the Sahashra chakra, thus burning karma.?

Hey – the category is ]Relision and Spirituality’, not ‘ Irrelevant ancient Judaic writins’.Can anyone comment on the LAnkavatura sutra, which says that the fires of the Buddha nature are lit when one achieves moksha, or liberation from the smasaric cycle of rebirth to drop the maya-formed ego shell? this question is not open to mainworry, who just abused me and called me a loser. (Typical of a Christian(Pauline christian, that is), not the gnostic kind, who undersatnd that the Christ is within, the kingdom of god is within, not ‘out there’, to revisit us at the end of days…or whatever apocalyptic nonsense they teach in ‘bible study’ these days.
The Sahashra chakra is the crown or ‘top of the head’ chakra. The kundalini is the force of the shakti that opens all the lotus chakras in turn, consuming the blockages of accumulated karm as it dies so. Mainworry is not my enemy, I am just trying to wake him from his slumber.


  1. Obviously, we have to liberate ourselves from transmigration, but what is this chakra you speak of? Is it the navel, throat, forehead??
    And personally, I don’t know what went on with you and mainworry, but I’m dissapointed that someone so knowlegeable would insult someone so publicly. But like i said, I don’t know the whole story.
    Anyway, great question, and thanks for asking it!


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