Home Discussion Forum what is rose quartz used for?

what is rose quartz used for?


  1. It can be used by a Crystal healing therapist to induce a state of calmness into the recipient. Not anyone should do this, as with any other crystals, as they can be harmful in certain cases. Only qualified crystal healing therapists should attempt this.
    Consult I.A.C.H.T. for more information. Crystals are best used by a Clairvoyant (Clear sighted person) not a fortune teller as they can see the effect that the crystal is having upon the human energy field (aura).
    They are purported to have the power to calm and bring a feeling of warmth and love to the recipient.

  2. Rose quartz is used as an ornamental stone and as a gemstone.
    It is said that the Assyrians and the Romans were the first to use it. In ancient Rome, rose quartz was popular for making seals, which were used in clay or various dyes to show ownership or identify authors.


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