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What is "rose quartz" and how will it help me find a husband?

A friend of mine told me it was a chinese custom for single women to wear rose quartz, but she didn’t explain why


  1. rose quartz is a quartz crystal with a pink color that is formed by intense heat and pressure from under ground.
    it won’t get you a husband

  2. Pink quartz (rose quartz) allows you to be in touch with your basic self. It will allow you to get to know your true self and to love that true self in all its beauty. It can also allow you to communicate internally with your spirit guides, which means you may or may not be aware of them but they are teaching you all the same.
    Rose Quartz is a good stone for someone who has trouble loving themself or accepting love from another because they do not believe that they are worthy of being loved. It loves soft running river water to clean and recharge and moonlight

  3. rose quartz is a very beautiful stone
    the only way it might help you find a husband is if you pick it up, walk into a crowded room full of single men and bean one on the head with it – before he regains consiousness, you drag him to a justice of the peace and marry him.


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