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What is ritual magic?

Well I looked it up on wikipedia and I didn’t get any of it really, so can somebody explain for me please!?
What is it and is it bad or good to do it?


  1. Ritual magic is similar to what stage magicians do except it’s done by people who actually believe it has some effect in the real world. Of course it doesn’t because it’s all fakery and con men.

  2. Any type of magic that is performed with a ritual. I know that’s a simple answer, but it is an umbrella term that covers Ceremonial Magic, Sympathetic magic, and many others.
    It is neither god or bad to do.

  3. it isnt either good or bad… its a tool, and like any other tool it can be used for different purposes. The catholic church, for example, performs a ritual which blesses bread and wine to symbolically rperesent the flesh and blood of jesus…. whereas voodoo preiests uses a ritual to cause harm to a person. I cant explain it or define it, but there are many examples of it in almost every religion in the world. Good and Bad.

  4. pretty much what squishy said is what i beleive it to be
    magic that is used specifically in ceremonies and rituals


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