what is reincarnation according to the Franciscan?

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what is reincarnation according to the Franciscan ( catholic ) ?

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The Franciscans are a particular lay and monastic order of the Roman Catholic Church. Neither they nor ordinary Roman Catholics believe in reincarnation.


Catholics, the first Christianity from the 1st C, do not believe in reincarnation because the Bible says:
Heb 9:27 – “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, and after this the judgment.”
(Franciscans are just an order of Catholic monks.)
God bless…


Neither of these are accurate. I’m staying annonymous on this one, but I AM a reincarnated Fransiscan Monk. I have met up with the other reincarnated member’s of my order, and YES, St. Francis, as well as St. Valentine(the order of the valentinians), as well as Christianity as a whole- taught reincarnation up until the 1300’s.


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