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What is reiki, is it similar to Pranic healing?

And is it really possible to see the human aura??


  1. Pranic energy is based on the belief that any ailment you have can be healed through your aura.
    Reiki healing is based on the belief that any ailments you have, body, mind or spirit can be healed through your Chakra’s.
    Healed is done by drawing Universal life force energy into your hands so you can unblock the Chakras.
    You must have three “attunements” from a Reiki Master. You are given the secret symbols and the information you need to self heal, heal others, send healing through distance, time and space, and you are given the hand placements for healing.
    Yes, it is possible to see the human aura.
    (There are also glasses that you can buy for about $20.00 that allow you to view the human aura.)

  2. Reiki is a scam, there’s no such thing as a ‘human aura’ or chakras. You think you can see this mythical thing with a $20.00 pair of glasses but all the multi-billion dollar equipment made by the world’s finest brains can’t?
    Utter insanity.
    Edit: “The human aura can be felt, seen and photographed.”
    If that piece of lunacy doesn’t convince you it’s all bunk then nothing will!

  3. I am also a Reiki practitioner – working on myself and shelter animals.
    It is unethical for a Reiki practitioner to state that they can heal any physical or spiritual condition. The practitioner is ONLY a channel for the energy and the energy goes wherever it is needed for the recipient’s highest good.
    Reiki people don’t talk so much about chakras – Usuhi, the Japanese founder of the “system” outlines the three diamonds – the Hara, the energy source, the head and the heart. Practitioners work on unifying those three in their personal practice and their work with others.
    You might like to read some articles on Reiki by going to: http://www.reiki.au.net
    Basic articles are “What is and is not Reiki” and “What is Reiki”

  4. Reiki is a healing therapy. Reiki uses energy named Ki (Japanese) or Chi (Chinese) or Prana (India) to assist the body to achieve a state of healing. This relates to Western Medical concept of bio-electricity and bio-magnetism. The whole body is reliant on these energy impulses for it to function.
    For example: If the electrical impulses slow down in the brain, the brain slows down and depression results. Western medicine treats the depression with chemicals (Seratonin absorption inhibitors) to help restore and speed up the electrical impulses. Eastern medicine uses natural energy from the Universe to restore the electrical requirements of the body.
    Reiki’s ability has been tested in Scientific studies using “double blind” tests. In the tests, the client experiences lower EEG activity after Reiki when compared to the control group. This relates to the ability of Reiki to “calm the mind”. In the tests, the client receiving Reiki has higher oxyhaemoglobin count compared to the control group. Similarly, the client receiving Reiki has lower blood pressure than the control group after Reiki. The medical utility of increasing the oxygenation of blood, to lower high blood pressure and a calm mind is well accepted. Reiki’s Its utility as a healing modality is being increasingly accepted in medical circles.
    The human aura can be felt, seen and photographed.

  5. There are similarities between Pranic Healing and Reiki but they are not the same, As far as I understand, these are the main differences
    Reiki uses the healing energy channelled from a higher source to bring healing to the person being treated. It is typically given by hands-on contact, although it can be given without touch. Reiki doesn’t believe in areas needing to be cleansed before they can be healed
    Pranic healing works on the basis that the body can heal itself. It is given without touch and the area to be healed should be cleansed first.
    Like many healing modalities, one is not necessarily better than the other.. a lot depends upon personal preference and your “relationship” with the person giving the healing

    • Sorry EVERYTHING HAS ENERGY !! Both Reiki & Pranic Healing *ARE* being practiced in Hospitals & other medical centers all around the USA. Progressive ones. Just like they thought acupuncture was hocus/pocus when I was in school, by the time I was working in Boston, hospitals, the interns from Harvard Medical school were learning/practicing it.
      Just because something isn’t proven scientifically does not mean it doesn’t work….
      Conventional medicine is not a cure all & neither are any & all practices for all people. Different methods work for different people & diseases. I know Reiki are being practiced in Medical Facilities, as I know many people that do this work (including me) & they work in hospitals, school systems etc. & they are practiced all over the world !
      Maybe, you should come have a psychotherapy treatment for negativity,

  6. Reiki is an “energy healing” therapy invented in the early 20th century, but heavily based on other Asian traditional healing practices like Pranic from Ayurvedic and Qi gong from Chinese cultural practice.
    It is based on the concept of vitalism/essentialism, for which there is no evidence whatsoever. It is a form of sympathetic magic. Medical science abandoned that idea over 150 years ago, but it’s been around since the ancient Greeks. It was part of the allopathic tradition, with the balancing of the humors etc. The idea is that a “life force” of some sort exists in all living creatures, and we are connected by the life force. In China they call it qi (chi), in India prana, in Therapeutic Touch its’ the Human Energy Field, and in Reiki they call it ki.
    There is no “life force”. There is no evidence for this. However, Reiki practitioners claim to be able to detect it but they have never been able to demonstrate this ability when steps are taken to prevent cheating. Recently to get around this little problem, they claim it’s not necessary to actually detect it, as long as they have the “intention” to heal. This renders it untestable, and therefore non-scientific.
    The idea of ALL so called “energy healing” (EH) techniques is that something interferes with the flow of the energy, leading to a dis-ease state (yes..that’s how they say it) and by restoring or redirecting the flow of energy, usually with a magical handwaving of some sort, they cure the illness. There is again, no evidence for any of this, no evidence that any EH makes any difference in any illness, disease or injury. Studies on EH are uniformly poorly done, and the best that can ever be claimed is a tendency for subjective improvement in pain or a sense of feeling more relaxed.
    It is not possible to see an aura, as an aura does not exist. Yes, people will claim to be able to detect it, but again, they are unable to prove their claims. Kirlian photography claims to be a photograph of the aura, but it isn’t. It is natural phenomena that occurs because of the technique…thats why you can get auras of pennies and other inorganic, non living matter.
    In a word, it is mystical nonsense and people who believe in it are fooling themselves.
    EDIT. Mantra doesn’t appear to understand the use of ” ” marks, since he refers to “double blind” studies…implying that they weren’t really. Rather than tell us there are scientific studies supporting Reiki, it would be preferable that he link us to them….I would then be happy to pick them apart. 🙂

  7. hi, a short note to all reiki masters, James Randi is offering ONE MILLION DOLLARS to all of you if you can prove that reiki therapy works, dont waste your time blabbing to us how good reiki is, go and collect your million dollars, err well what are you waiting for?

  8. Pranic healing works with chakra’s not the aura. Reiki goes back to Chujiro Hayashi who committed suicide. He gave atunements to hawayo Takata who the Reiki Sourcebook says is a habitual liar. She made a number of stories about Mikao Usui that were simply not true. She taught her students different signs and symbols so that when she died the so called masters didnot know what was true and what was not.
    How can someone who committed sucide connect some one to higher energies?? How can a habitual liar attune anyone to higher energies, higher energies are connected to truth, lower energies are connected to liars.

  9. Have you noticed these nut cases don’t even answer when you ask for proof. In their sad lives they really think they are helping. While charging money by the way. It’s a pyramid scheme you fools


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