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what is reiki and does it work?

how does reiki work? what have been your experiences of sessions of reiki?
av had two good sessions and one bad. its because of reiki i got a computer lol, which has been a two edged sword.
i just want to know if anybody else has experienced it@ why do i ask what i arlready know.


  1. LOL i’d love to hear THAT story! Yes, I use Reiki, a form of energy healing. The healer uses their energy to manipulate yours and move it in a more healthy direction… kind of like massage enhancing circulation. Look it up, though, there are different styles and methods. And if you have had sessions, why are you wondering what it is?

  2. Reiki is basically touch healing and involvings sending energy through the chakras (energy centers in the aura, the energy field around your body) for the purposes of balancing your energy to facilitate healing. It involves placing your hands on another person’s chakras and sending healing energy through it to their auras.
    I’ve had some experiences in it, having had my first attunement a year ago, and they’ve been pretty positive so far.

  3. I have one friend who is a Reiki instructor, and another one who believes in the healing benefits. Personally, I am not into it, but as I understand it, it is a coming together of logic and spirituality, which are often at opposite ends. I think you have to be more open-minded than me for it to work. I did consider trying it to help me quit smoking, though.
    For those who say Reiki is mumbo jumbo, so they say about a lot of spritual and religous experiences. It might be mumbo jumbo for you, but more power to it if it works for someone else. I feel the same way about people who have a different religious faith than my own. I might not believe in their ways, but who am I to judge what works for them?

  4. I don’t know much about Reiki other than Reiki is a form of healing and cleansing. It’s spiritual and draws from the seventh dimension? I have a friend that is a Master Reiki healer and she did some work on me when I was pregnant. She actually healed me of this lingering pain in my neck and shoulders. It was amazing! She has offered to do a Reiki session on me to help me cope with some of my lingering family problems, but we have never done it yet as she moved. I would say keep doing it. It’s nothing that can be considered “wrong” or paranormal I wouldn’t think, and if good things come of it, keep doing it.

  5. It’s mumbo-jumbo. They tested people with a human hand and a dummy hand and they couldn’t figure out which one was real with “energy” better than 50% of the time. So there is no energy manipulation goin on except in people’s minds.

  6. I have studied Reiki and am a Level One practitioner.
    There are different kinds of Reiki but basically they all are methods of channeling energy –energy from the universe into the chakras of the person getting the treatment.
    One theory is that pain, depression, illness, low energy are caused from either blocked energy flow in the body or low levels of energy flow. There really is no way to check this out scientifically that I know of. What is believed is that the Reiki practitioner is is able to affect and enhance energy flow within the body.
    I find that I feel quite energized and creative after receiving a treatment and very relaxed after giving a treatment.
    I have never heard of a bad Reiki session, so it would be interesting to hear what happened with your bad experience (and how it led to you getting a computer!!??)
    Basically, I make no claims that Reiki will cure anything, but it almost always makes people feel good and is a very loving thing to be able to do for others.

  7. I am a Reiki Master Teacher in Usui Reiki Ryoho (Traditional Japanese Reiki). I have been involved with Reiki for a little over 10yrs. I have been involved with alternative therapies in one form or another for twice that long, Japanese culture, philosophy, theology for even longer. I am Nationally Certified as a Massage Therapist and a Bodyworker (NCBTMB). During my time as a bodyworker, I have used Reiki on countless people with various results – the large majority of the time, positive in nature. I also use Reiki in combination with other therapies.
    Today, Reiki in the West has been badly distorted. People talk about Chakras, crystals, auras, spirit guides, and a host of new-age parlance that has little to do with Reiki and nothing to do with Japan. Reiki has nothing to do with the chakras. This is because Reiki is Japanese. The Japanese use a version of Chinese traditional medicine (Tan tien and meridians) that was introduced to Japan between the 7-9th centuries. The Chakras come from India and were never introduced to Japan. An American man by the name of Arthur Robertson invented Tibetan Reiki in the 1980’s and included the chakras into Reiki then. Usui, Hayashi – even Takata never taught the Chakras. If you know Japanese history and the History of Reiki, you’d know this bit of info.
    Also, most peope today mistranslate the words Reiki. Most people are taught – and believe – that the word Reiki means Universal life force energy. It does not. If you translate it by using new Japanese script the translation could been seen as something similar to this, sure. The problem here is that Usui (the founder of Usui Reiki) died before WW2. WW2 was significant because it was here that the Japanese language was changed – changing the meaning of many words. When he used the words Reiki he was not describing a hand healing method. In fact, when Usui started to teach Reiki, hands healing was not even a part of the practice, hand healing was added several years later. It has been said by surviving members of Usui’s school that when Usui spoke of hand healing, he used the words Teate or Chiryo-ho & not Reiki.
    In old Japanese script, Reiki would be translated as spiritual (Rei) essence or awareness (Ki). ‘Energy’ is a very bad word to try and use for translation. This gives the impression of some kind of electrical energy. Ki itself is something that cannot be so easily translated – something few Westerners truly understand.
    If you’d like to really learn more about Ki, I would recommend these 2 books:
    “A Brief History of Qi” by Zhang Yu Haun & Ken Rose
    “Ki in Daily Life” by Koichi Tohei
    As far as Reiki goes, most skeptics are very correct when they say Reiki is Mumbo-Jumbo. This is because what they are talking about isnt Reiki at all – its about new-age Reiki or Neo-Reiki. Reiki in the West has been mixed, hacked, chopped, sliced, diced, blended, combined, simplified, and over exaggerated. It has been combined with everything from other therapies (such as theraputic touch TM) to new age spirituality, angels, and crystals. None of these things have anything to do with Reiki. I cannot stress enough to do your homework. Do not believe something just because someone says its so or because someone put it in print. Japanese Reiki is a tradition. A linage. Its not to be dismantled and combined with whatever someone fancies or believes. Its a sacred living Japanese art and should be respected as such.
    In fact, Reiki does work, quite well I might add. It does not however use chakras, crystal, or angels to effect its results. If you would like to learn more about Reiki and how new age it has become, you may want to pick up the following books:
    The Japanese Art of Reiki
    The Reiki Sourcebook
    …. both are written by Bronwen & Frans Stiene. They have done a large amount of research and verification. Wonderful education material.
    I would also recommend staying far away from Diane Stiens book ‘Essential Reiki’ This book is as new age as it gets. She mixes Reiki with witchcraft, goddess worship, tibet, and the chakras – none of which is Reiki. IMHO, her information is grossly misleading, highly distorted, and just down right inaccurate.

  8. Reiki is universal life energy and is also the name of the system which teaches people to harness and use this energy for themselves and others.
    Once you have an attunement, a channel opens in you and you can bring this energy through. You become like a giant hose which the person (animal plant) getting the session sucks energy through. Because the energy is high vibration, and an illness or stress is low vibration, a phenomenon called entrainment bring the recipient’s energy level up so that the illness or stress is banished.
    I have seen it work miracles and I’ve also seen it appear not to work (or not work as expected). It just is; it can’t be judged.

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