Home Discussion Forum What is recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis?

What is recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis?

what is recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis?
is it dangerous?

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  1. Also know as Poltergeist is an unexplained phenomenon that invisibly moves objects, starts fires, or causes other strange problems. It is not really dangerous, however on occasions great force is displayed. Poltergeist is usually confined to a house, and may cease as suddenly as it began, and for no obvious reason.

  2. Otherwise known as RSPK, it’s the favored conjecture of many ghost hunters for explaining how poltergeist hauntings occur. RSPK puts the focus on a person in the household who is said to unintentionally cause the paranormal activity to occur by psychokinetic means. There is no credible evidence to support this conjecture. Poltergeist activity is almost always better explained by mischievous adolescents playing pranks.


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