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What is reality in relation to your own consciousness?

I don’t know weather I’m alive or dreaming or dead or remembering. How can you tell what’s a dream and what’s real when you can’t even tell when your awake and when your asleep?


  1. of all ‘philosophy’ questions, this is probably the easiest one to answer.
    take a hammer. aim. smash it between your eyes. that blinding pain you fee is reality. that’s of course if you didnt black out from it but when you awake, you will still feel the excruciating pain.
    feel free to repeat the above as many times as necessary to see if you are in ‘reality’ or not.
    pain is a great reminder that you are indeed awake and alive.

  2. the dumb answer is that when your awake your held by the limits of reality and when your asleap whatever happens simply happens. as for alive or dead, your not dead. when you do die, than you will simply be trapped in a state of so called sleep without dreaming. anyway, don’t worry about it and just enjoy life as it is, and thats all that really matters in the end.

  3. assuming for a moment that all things/time exists in a single moment your conscious accepts all and without judgement, but your mind decides it’s own reality based on it’s previous experience. There is no reality unless you decide to make it reality. Also it maybe that dreaming is it’s own reality within the dimension of the dream-state, Could it be perhaps that dreams are real, but not of this dimension? Therefore reality depends on the dimension you are in according to your current physical state?

  4. I know I am alive and conscious because I know my interaction with others, relaying what I think and do to those around me, I feel saddened when I see someone got hurt or crying, I try to help when someone needs my help and I hurt when I stab my toe. I can smell the flowers and belching smoke of cars and trucks, I can taste the burnt toast, and I can appreciate the beauty of nature and the smell of fresh air coming from the lake. With all of these I know I am alive and conscious and not dreaming.

  5. for one, you can stop being a skeptic. The only cure for philosophical skepticism is to knock it off. You can watch the space shuttle take of on a rocket and deny it all day long, always arguing all the evidence, or you can knock it off. Shortly after you knock it off the door opens for understanding. Doubt bars the way.
    Why do you need to know the answer anyway? Life goes on whether or not you know the answer to your question. I hope you are not allowing your life activities to depend on it. The foolishness of that should in itself tell you something.
    Now, part two. The relation of reality to your own consciousness. Consciousness is a characteristic of reality. Your own consciousness is a point of view from which reality experiences itself. Though language it exchanges points of view, although not all language is true.

  6. jkk kkk
    For someone who supposedly hates philosophy, you seem to spend a lot of time answering philosophy related questions on various websites. I suspect this is related to some pathetic personal issue you have with someone in your life.
    By the way try using capital letters once in a while.


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