What is Qigong Meditation?

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Techniques perhaps??

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Chi Qi Kung Meditation for Psi Fire Ball


Don’t get down with the sickness.
Jesus Christ is here to help!!!!!


Quiet is the basis for all Qigong practice. Quiet water is crystal clear, quiet people have clarity of mind. In modern society, the seven conditions that cause disease are: Joy, Anger, Anxiety, Excessive Pensiveness, Sadness, Fear, and Shock. Too much anger can cause loss of Yin energy, too much joy can cause loss of Yang energy. Anger makes Qi rise and affects the liver. Joy slows Qi down and affects the heart. Anxiety and Pensiveness knot Qi and affect the spleen. Sadness dissolves Qi and affects the lungs. Fear makes Qi descend and affects the kidney. Shock scatters Qi and affects the kidneys and heart.


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