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What is psychic protection and how is it relevant in our lives ?


  1. Basically a psychic extorts money from you to keep the “bad” demons away. They can threaten with a bat and usually say things like “Youse got a nice place here, I hope it don’t get possessed. Mebbe a little money paid to Big Mama Cleo will keep dat from happenin?”
    There is little recourse since psychic police are usually few and far between and working on psychic murders

  2. Psychic attacks come at us from family members, work rivals, enemies..its the stuff you feel in your gut. its a deep hurt in response to some comment, look, vibe whatever.
    Psychic protection is simply being aware that this happens and we need to protect ourselves from being drained, hit, taken “out” of our standing.
    Visualise mirrors on you, so whats attacking simply gets reflected back to great effect. Try it. don’t worry because if love is reflected back its stays, but venom leaves. Mentally pop a bell jar over someone who is intrusive or aggressive.


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