What is psychic attack?

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I been told if someone doesn’t like me, I will get problems due to psychic attack?

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I heard some pokemons have that psychic attack

Laptop Jesus 3.9

I think Psyduck uses it. Only try it against water pokemon tho.


I’ve never heard of such a thing, but I wish that’s what had happened to my daughter instead of some crazy girl sucker-punching her in the face. That’s not fighting fair.


Usually a 4D attack. Unless the person cheats and uses a buffer.

Jam Pie

I think it was a band in the 90s

The Penguin returns

Many gypsies are psychics. So just try and stay away from Caravans and carry Pikey-spray with you at all times.


Bad thoughts. He might be thinking bad thoughts about you.

Angel Eyes

I don’t have a lot of interest in Ghosts and things. I do believe they could exist. But, I have also heard through circumstances very reliable that some spirits can attack. I couldn’t imagine this happening to me. My Aura is way to powerful for any Entity to mess with me. Evil doesn’t have much of a chance around me. So, I’m left alone by the ugly spirits.
But, some swear that it happens.


if you will let that bother you then you might as well worry about the sky falling. sounds like that person may have some issues.


A psychic attack is a simple thing. Sending negative (grey) energy into someone’s aura. That’s it. Nothing more to it.
Off topic: These threads are a magnet for reporting people.

Joe P



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