What is possible during Astral Projection?





Like what is there to do (please a little more detailed than the casual “anything”). And what does it feel like to achieve it? Does i feel the same exact way that it does to be awake? Please respond.


  1. Well you can fly, go through walls, buildings etc. You can travel at the speed of thought. You can have spherical vision. You can see objects from every angle at once (there’s a word for that but I’ve forgotten what it is). You can morph into any shape you desire. You can even morph into an animal & experience the senses of that animal. In other words you can turn into an eagle & you would see like an eagle, hear like an eagle etc. You can even make yourself think like an eagle.
    You can travel inter-dimensionally. You can communicate with spirits from other realms. You can even have astral sex with them (though it is not wise unless you are experienced & know what you’re doing). Even though most have a hard time believing this, you can also have a baby with other spirits. Your astral energy combined with another spirits can create new life. There are people here on this Earth who have children in the astral & project there to see them.
    You can also communicate with your spirit guide & the dead. You can travel into the past present & future. You can go into alternate time lines. You can check out the akashic records (the book of life), that contains every single thing that has ever happened. You can then observe anything that has ever happened or you can fully experience it yourself as if it’s actually happening to you.
    You can have access to all sorts of ‘paranormal’ abilities, such as telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance etc. You can also to some extent have an effect on physical reality on both the micro & macro level. You can even cure diseases in the physical from within the astral. You can enter into others dreams. You can create life. You can create your own worlds, universes etc. You can learn many secrets about God, life, the multiverse etc. Well there’s also more you can do but I don’t want to be typing forever.
    When you achieve it everything just seems more real. Your senses are sharper, you have access to new senses. Everything looks clearer. It seems more real than this waking life. It’s as if though this life is a dream. You will also feel strong energetic vibrations all through you. Thoughts manifest instantly. Emotions will be more powerful. The environment is far more flexible & maneuverable. You are more powerful & it’s just quite an amazing feeling to be in another dimension.

  2. we all have astral travels at least three times a week while we’re sleeping. our spirit leaves our body to go to a place we love or even to go see a lost loved one. there are many different speeds of getting there. a few ways of telling if a dream was just a dream or if it was an astral travel is if it felt real, also if you could see yourself in the dream it was more than likely an astral travel. another way of telling is if you were flying in the dream. i’d have to refresh my memory before i could tell you exactly what happens when your awake but i hoped that answered some of your questions

  3. I have only limited experience, but I can fly while astral projecting. And I am able to assume different perspectives simultaneously (am more than one person). My physical being is very mutable (can find myself the size of a giant, or smaller than a microbe).
    Wish I could do it “at will/on call.’ Would find it very handy at the dentist. And as a scuba diver- it would be really cool. I could stay underwater w/o worrying about decompression! but I am a novice, and have only done it a ew times.

  4. simply put, there are entities in the astral plane that are very devious and can create very bad things for you karmically. my suggestion to you is that you keep up with your work here and soon enough things will become clear. no need to go running off into spaces that can create havoc for the uninitiated or who are vulnerable.

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