what is past life regression therapy?

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Bu Ang

Therapy conducted mostly thru hypnosis. You sort of “re-live” the past to have a good look (analyze) at it, and hopefully it will help you with some problems or questions that you have.

Chuck W

“Past Life Regression” therapy is an invalid technique performed by unethical or ignorant practitioners.
These people claim they are able to “recover” memories from their client’s past lives. Naturally, this claim is based on an assumption of reincarnation. While belief in reincarnation is more of a matter for theologians than scientists, past life regression has been repeatedly discredited.
In particular, as the human population is steadily increasing, not everyone could have a “past life.” However, no one engaging in past life regression therapy is ever told, “Oh, this is your first life…” or “I see here in your past life, you were a penguin…”. Clients are invariably told that, not only did they have a past (human) life, but they were someone of importance.
It is good that you are asking questions about this scam – don’t pay any money to these con artists!


I’ve gone through it – its weird and cool at the same time, if thats possible.
I don’t think it solved any of my problems but what I saw was interesting.


i am also interested i this regression thing… they’ll hypnotize you…tell you that you’re on a journey…you’re in a tunnel…the journey is safe and calm…then when the psychologist is sure that you’ve been hypnotize, he/she will ask you if you remember anything about a specific date until you say ‘yes’..then he will ask you what are you doing there and a series of question will be present…you’ll know who you are in your past life…im not sure about this…


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