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What is paralyzing me in my sleep? Evil Spirits?

Almost every time, I’m pretty sure its every time, I try to go to sleep sober then I feel some type of evil spirit of some sort paralyze my body completely and it whispers threats to me about how it has a hold of my brother (who is a drug addict) and it torments me. This first happened about 4 yrs ago and I tried praying to Jesus (I was christian at the time) and the entity went away… Well.. now it torments me about every night UNLESS I drink or take some pills; in other words, I have to get s*** faced to get a good nights rest. I DO NOT like drinking and doing any kind of other mind-altering substances but “IT” leaves me alone when I do. Ive even gone so far as to ask friends to stay over cause of the fear this entity has caused in my life. The voice that it uses is a distorted voice almost like white-noise on a TV and there is no pressure on my body, just paralysis. Last night was the first time that it was able to stop me from inhaling or exhaling, and it seems to be getting worse. I’m no longer a christian but I still am a spiritual person. I want to know if anyone can relate to me. I have told only a hand full of close friends and family but I want to know more. Please, If anyone can help or relate, give me a shout. Thanks -Mike


  1. Sleep paralysis
    It’s a common phenomenon and can be managed. The fact that it doesn’t happen when your brain chemistry is altered by alcohol should give you the clue that it’s not caused by external factors.
    “What can you suggest to help me avoid an episode of Sleep Paralysis?
    * Keep to a regular schedule. Go to bed and get up at regular times. Eat your meals at regular times.
    * Get some exercise, although not too close to bedtime.
    * Avoid sleep deprivation – make sure you get enough sleep.
    * Find ways to reduce stress in your life.
    * Try to avoid sleeping on your back.
    * Know that you are not alone – there are many other sufferers alongside you.
    * Finally, relax! You are not dying, you are not going insane. Sleep Paralysis is not known to be harmful.”
    From the first source

  2. it’s sleep paralysis. i’ve experienced this and so have a lot of other people. the reasons for sleep paralysis are generally broad, but i would suggest looking into it (and definitely cutting back on the drinking and pills… if anything, these things might instigate it.) and figuring out a way to avoid them. a schedule for your sleeping and cutting back on drugs usually does the trick.

  3. You are just waking up before your body does. Your body becomes paralyzed during REM sleep. So if you wake up before the paralasis wears off, it will feel like you can’t move. Just relax and remember that it will be ok. Unless you are being probed by aliens and in that case you are fucked.

  4. Experts say episodes of sleep paralysis can last for seconds–or minutes. An intruding stimulus–a jolt, a noise–can bring the interval to a quick end. The disorder is associated with a particular stage of sleep. People experience during the night three stages of sleep: rapid eye movement sleep, non-rapid eye movement sleep and slow wave sleep. The stages can be detected by recording brain wave activity and observing the rate of eye blinking.
    Sleep paralysis disorder occurs during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep–the period when dreaming takes place. Bodily paralysis is a natural occurrence during REM sleep. In fact, the inability to move during that time of dreaming, drifting off–or coming back to full consciousness–is a marvelous safeguard against inadvertent injuries. It seems Mother Nature requires everyone to be fully aware before they jump out of bed and hit the ground running. Otherwise, they might just…hit the ground.
    In sleep paralysis disorder, wakefulness resumes but the body still maintains for some period of time–a few seconds to several minutes–its naturally paralyzed state. The newly awakened brain suddenly is firing on all cylinders but in a mounting state of confusion sleepers realize their bodies are incapable of movement. Brain and body are out of sync. It takes a moment to realize the situation and cope by waiting, moving very slowly or moving with force, through sheer will.
    Afflicted sleepers can feel panic. Questions scream across the mind in the moments during paralysis. Am I dead? Did I have stroke? Have I become paralyzed for life? What if this feeling never passes? Equally disturbing are the hallucinations that sometimes are a part of sleep paralysis disorder. The fantasies may be delightful or devastating. Various cultures try to explain the hallucinations by embracing theories of visitations by spirits, witches, devils and ghostly creatures that perch like weighty burdens upon sleepers’ chests. Perhaps the visions provide an explanation for reports of close encounters with heavenly angels…or aliens from outer space.
    Medical professionals have found that education offers a means of treatment. Sufferers who learn about the disorder attain a higher level of comfort with the outcomes of this condition. Among the medications used when warranted are Ritalin–which can help to regulate sleep schedules–and Clonazapam–a drug with sedative and anti-convulsive properties.
    Before going to extremes–or to bed–victims of sleep paralysis disorder surely will want to try some behavior modification techniques. Recommended behaviors include establishing a regular bedtime and varying sleep positions. Refraining from eating before bedtime may help. Another effective technique relates to stress reduction; try not to think about problems before bed.

  5. no, thats sleep paralysis, I have it too, it occurs during the REM of your sleep, REM is when you have dreams, and your brain paralyzes your muscles so you don’t act out your dreams, there are cases where someone awakens during this time and they can’t move or talk. It doesn’t last for more than a few minutes, it’s just really scary.
    You’ve been touched by Imperfectionist

  6. Sounds like sleep paralysis. People in the West under sleep paralysis generally think they’ve been abducted by aliens, but other regions and time periods have interpreted it as an evil spirit, dragon, etc. (whatever the local custom dictates)

  7. You may suffer for either hallucination or spiritual problem caused by the evil spirit. Because both are spiritual things, I suggest that you ask forgiveness from the Lord and ask Jesus to come into your heart and He will helps you. Then resist he spirit every time he begin to annoy you. This is the only way out. God loves you.


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