what is negative body energy ? is it real ? how to stop it ?

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what is negative body energy ? is it real ? how to stop it ?

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im psychic and this is very hard to explain, its is real, dont listen to non beleivers , if u dont belive it will never work so try this. close your eyes and focus, imagine your body, and try to make all the purple enery leave your body.
negative energy can repel people from you.
a technique to help u is to close your eyes and imagine in your hand you have a giant flower bulb( your gateway of energy) and imagine is opening , your hand should tingle. and then try the top technique


No, there’s no such thing as negative body energy. People use negative energy as a metaphor for things, but it’s not something that actually exists.

Chandramohan P.R

There is no negetive energy in physics or chemistry in your body.It is like Ghost
Only imaginary


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