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What is necessary to legally practice hypnosis?

Is there some sort of license necessary to conduct hypnotherapy? If not license, then what? Please list your sources.
Also, if an oral consent is obtained before entering the subject into hypnosis, do they have a legal right to sue you afterward?


  1. There are no legal requirements to practice hypnosis or hypnotherapy. The only bit of legislation surrounding hypnosis is the 1952 stage hypnosis act that was updated in 1996. Certification is not necessary to practice hypnosis or hypnotherapy. It is entirely up to you how much training you take – the most important thing is that you realise and understand the responsibility you take on if you do achieve being able to hypnotise effectively

  2. Hello
    Depends where you live.
    Im in the UK, there are no laws which state that we have to be qualified or have qualifications.
    see profile 🙂

  3. It of course depends on the jurisdiction and laws vary by state. Hypnosis is not the same as hypnotherapy in many states. There are no laws baring the practice of hypnosis but in some states hypnotherapy may be viewed as counseling and that usually covered by the state code so be very careful. If you can’t find anything in your state code try calling the secretary of state for your state and see if they can advise you.
    Any one can sue you for anything. A standard signed consent form will serve you way better in court then claiming an oral contract.
    If you are interested in a free online certification as a hypnotist you should check out the School of Professional Hypnosis at http://www.hypnosisschool.org/welcome-hypnotist-training-course.php
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