What is more PROBABLE, Reincarnation or End Time Prophecy?

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Christianity, Islam and Judaism teach End Time Prophecy while Buddhism, Hinduism and Chinese Traditions teach Reincarnation.
The Western View sounds waaayyyyy more fun with heaven and angels.
The Eastern philosophy seems like hard work being born over and over again.
What do you think?

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The Great Button

Heaven doesn’t sound like much fun to me. Can you imaging an eternity listening to Amy Grant?

Pirate AMâ„¢

Neither is probable, or rather their probability is nearly non-existent and that’s if you fudge in a very generous way.




End time with out the fantasy finish. Humans are definitely stupid enough to extinct themselves. As for coming back time and again, forget it. Been here once it’s been mostly a drag, definitely not worth a second trip.


I think reincarnation sounds awesome, having lots of chances at life. But I am an atheist and do not believe in either of them.

Rico JPA

While there is some Jewish eschatology (end time philosophy), there are also Jews who believe in reincarnation, and Jews who believe we are simply dead until the day of the world to come. In Judaism, the texts are rather vague about what to expect, and much of it is NOT taken literally. The focus is on there here and now, healing the world (Tikkun Olam), and ethical behavior. Metaphysical speculations are fun, and you’ll find lots of Jews willing to discuss them, and offer all kinds of differing opinions. But ultimately, those things that are of God are left in God’s hands. By the way, the world to come is for ALL the righteous, not just Jews. Who are the righteous? Rabbi Hillel says, “What is hateful to you, don’t do to others, that’s the whole of the law, the rest is commentary on that.”

Eclectic Heretic

Oh, reincarnation, by far. IF there is any kind of loving “god” at all, which has never been proven, then the idea of “end times”/one lifetime, then “pass/fail” for all eternity” is totally inconsistent with such a “god”. Reincarnation, on the other hand, requires no supernatural being at all. It is simply a progression through ones respective states of being until one reaches unity with the Universal Consciousness.

Andy F

What about (c) none of the above?
Back when I considered myself a Christian, I once asked a question about “eternal life” to the young guy who led our Evangelical Christian Fellowship group on campus.
He was a pretty conservative Christian, theologically, but he said “eternal life” is something that begins NOW, if you choose to follow Jesus. It isn’t something that you start to experience after you’re dead; it’s a whole new way of living and thinking that begins NOW.
I think that makes more sense than either the End Time Prophecy view or the eastern thinking about reincarnation. If there’s such a thing as “salvation” (Christian, western term) or “liberation” (Eastern, Buddhist term), it begins in this life and it transforms this life. Whether it continues after your physical death is a different question — I think.
A couple of other thoughts, however:
1) the western view of the “end times” in a way is like a model of political, economic and social revolution. It’s the anticipation of a total transformation of the world around us, and some people pursue that in a secular way as well as a spiritual manner.
2) The eastern view about “reincarnation” in many ways incorporates a supernatural way of thinking about causes having consequences. If you think that you’re storing up good karma & bad karma by your actions, you’re not too far from the Christians who teach, “as you sow, so shall you reap.” And you’re not far from the commonsense idea that what you do tends to come back on you.

Got to STAR something

Nobody can tell you what probable – you are the one to decide. There are a HUGE body of information regards to your question available RIGHT on webpages.
doesn’t claim there is no ending of the world/earth. During the earth’s lifespan, the world ends several times. And the earth will eventually end but a new earth will be reborn right for the beings that live on this earth – just like other stars/planets die and are reborn from the dusts available in their surrounding. By chance or by the right conditions, a new earth always is reborn. Apart from that there are countless life in the universe. When the earth is destroyed/dead, beings on this earth shift elsewhere and when a new earth is reborn (maybe elsewhere), there will be life on it.
The point is humans will be there anyway. Those with the kamma to become humans will become humans. Those with the kamma to become animals will become animals. By that reality, life always be thriving in every new earth.
Thus, the Buddha taught the way to get rid of life/rebirth cycle of sufferings.


Err sorry to correct you but Hinduism and Jainism teach re-incarnation, the shift of atman from one soul to another, Buddhism teaches re-birth, end of “I” upon death but the subtle consciousness remains and takes other form emotionally unattached to the past birth(s)


Ecclectic Heretic:-(quote) “Reincarnation, on the other hand, requires no supernatural being at all. It is simply a progression through ones respective states of being until one reaches unity with the Universal Consciousness”(en-quote)
It is precisely what Hindu cluster of religions say.Jainism,Buddhism believe that there is no need for a “Super-Natural Being”.Hinduism believes in the “Super Natural Being”(Brahman) and that the “Super Natural Being” does NOT take part in ACTON(Karma).Hindus believe something more than what the above quoted message says, –Whatever action (Karma) the premordial material- Psychic(Maanasic) and Somatic(Saariric) body does during the “Life-time” of the Premordial BODY,the “Soul”(Aatman) is NOT a part of that actionand the “action”(Karma) only super-imposes(Adyaasa) on the “Soul” (like ASH super-imposing a burning charcoal)and does NOT allow the Soul to attain “Liberation”/”Freedom” (Moksham or Nirvanam)–hence the repeated re-incarnation.Only benevolent, samaritan, kind,conducive actions with prayers can liberate the Soul from repeated re-incarnations(Samsaara Bhandam)
Hindus are NOT iterested in this “Vicious”, boring,repeated re-incarnations.But it is Not the individual’s “choice”–“Beggars are NOT Choosers”–In a Hindu’s every day prayer first prayer is “Please relieve me from this vicious cycle of re-incarnation” (samsaaram).Hindu Religion says “One has to jettison the burden of ones own KARMA(Action).One can Not “roll it over” the fragile body of a saintly,noble,prestine-pure,god-like “Soul” and jolly well whistle it off.


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