Home Discussion Forum What is more interesting: Rock or Parapsychology?

What is more interesting: Rock or Parapsychology?

Please tell me why.


  1. Rock, although all this parapsychology is rubbing off on me….lol…..no, definitely rock…i love my rock and metal music!

  2. Rock because you can find out more about rock on the internet than you can with parapsychology. parapsychology is a topic not so many people know tons about and you better off going to and educated site than an community site if you want the truth

  3. rock, because it actually has a use in this world. sorry to all the parapsychology people out there, but its not practical at all. haha. and music just rocks. (rock, rocks, get it? lol)

  4. i dont know…ive always had this innate interest in parapsychology. but id have to go with rock simply because its way shorter to write.

  5. Rock is interesting, but I’m pretty sure Parapsychology is more interesting. Hell, even saying it is badass.

  6. uhhm
    well since I don’t really think
    parapsychology has ANYTHING to do with music…
    I’d have to definitely say rock.
    Music is my entire life. I dress according to my music. I talk the way the singers talk(I say the same words and I usually use phrases from the songs a lot). I even try to sing like them, although it usually fails miserably. lol

  7. Rock, or rocks are more interesting than parapsychology. Parapsychology is junk science, however, rock is music, and rocks are geology. A student will certainly learn more about the world in which he or she lives by studying the rocks in a geology class than by studying parapsychology, whatever it is.

  8. For now i must say this parapsychology is more interesting. I’ve always been a superstitious person lmao.

  9. i like saying parapsychology but honestly i don’t know what the word even means. rock is more interesting!

  10. I have to addmit that saying Parapsychology is one of the most funest things to say,but i would go with rock!

  11. Rock – Do you mean Geology? LOL
    Rock is my Final Answer – because I have learned too much educational stuff in life – and the more I learn, the less I know — and I’m tired and all’s that I want —
    — is to play SOME MUSIC — Relax or Dance Around – Get the Stick outta my A*s – and just enjoy one of the most pleasurable experiences invented by Mankind… oh, I forgot — and WomanKind…
    Cheers, Bro 🙂

  12. well, rock is more interesting, but this section is becoming more and more fun


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