What is more important, the American dream?





by Michael:

or global ecology, with mass-transportation and free-energy,
plus crystal healing centers; where we can live in peace with all our Extraterrestrial ancestors.
What is the name of that ‘dream.’…?

Answer by Hunter Kevington
I think it starts with an ‘L’ and ends ‘SD’


  1. Nice to see “you.”
    You can call them the people of the sun if you so choose.
    You’ll have to search Brigham Young a bit,
    and the book of mormon a lot if…
    Unless. Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot…

  2. the problem with that is it puts the worlds destiny in the hands of a global elite that will force the mojority of population to fulfill that outlook .. generally by eliminating those that are ‘undesirable’ .. sounds good on paper .. in implementation it would be horrific .. the values America was founded on ‘were’ the last great hope for the human race in my opinion .. the name of that dream is ‘global tyranny’ ..

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