Home Discussion Forum What is more accurate: numerology or astrology ?

What is more accurate: numerology or astrology ?


  1. i find numerology is better. however i think horoscopes is becoming so generic …how can one set of horoscopes apply to a large group of ppl of a particular sign?

  2. They are actually very interrelated.
    Most true astrologers (beyond sun-signs) use numerology.
    In fact there has been a recent trend in astrology of reducing the 12 elements to a numbering system.
    Thus because Aries, Mars, and the First House all share similar archetypal qualities, we can give them a value of 1. Taurus-Venus-2ndHouse = 2 etc.
    To people who think math is just science, I would urge them to study the origins of our mathematical systems, and in particular the history of Pythagoras.


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