What is mind? how would you describe mind?

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For Those that really like to think. Answer the initial question or express more opinione on the folowing.
Mind, Conscious, subconscious. Is it confined to our brain and in our head or is it everywhere? is it possibly everything? a universal mind with all minds within it and connected to it? God is everything, is everything a constant creation? Is everything a form of thought? Does mind come from brain or does brain and everything come from mind?

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the mind is how, and what you think. Your philosophy, your religion, everything you say, do, feel, want, or ANYthing else comes from your mind. It its both subconsious and conscious, it does things we know about, and things we dont. Our mind truly, is the one thing, human beings can never truly understand


The mind is instantiated in the brain and is fully emergent of biological processes. That much we know. The rest is coming along in the science daily.


Consciousness and reality have some pretty close ties, but the mind itself is too vast a thing to define completely. Scientifically, thought is a product of the brain which never ceases until death, while consciousness could be more easily defined as what our brain processes as real during waking hours. (Hope that makes sense…=P). Some describe mind as the “soul” while others claim its intangibility is due to our lack of ability to locate a scientific process to attribute it to. I personally tend to look at consciousness as an unknown, complex process, even a biological phenomenon, if you will. While a bit theologic at times, Descartes wrote some excellent articles about the mind-Discourse on the Method would be a great starting point if you wanted to reasearch it further.


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