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What is Metaphysics? and How exactly does it work?

I met a person who claimed to be a metaphysicist. Once over a telephone conversation, he told me to write a number down on a sheet of paper, then he guessed the number twice. Does metaphysics involve telepathy?


  1. There’s two definitions for metaphysics. The strict philisophical discipline and (for some reason) occult stuff. I’m not sure how it applies but I always get excited by seing “metaphysical bookstore” but it’s really not so amazing as one would surmise. So he could be using the word loosely in that respect. Telepathy is a touch occult.
    Philisophically metaphysics is just the study of stuff that exists, the nature of being etc when you look outside of science. It’s a big area. Honestly I would suggest just browsing through the wikipedia article.

  2. yes metapysics involves telepathy. It is the common thread that ties us all together on a spiritual level. There are many paths that lead to spiritual enlightenment, you are doing the right thing by asking about it. If you continue to search and let your spirit, i.e.(intuition or sixth sense) guide you you will find your own path to enlightenment. -namaste

  3. Metaphysics deals with the supernatural, and due to this we don’t know how it works.
    The name is derived from Aristotle’s books, and when Adranicus of Rhodes who had taken it upon himself to organize these books, he placed it after the book for physics, and named it metaphysics (or after ther book of physics).
    This was mistranslated as beyond physics later on.

  4. No metaphysics doesn’t involve telepathy. It is the branch of philosophy that investigates principles of reality. It is concerned with explaining the ultimate nature of ‘being’ and the world. It derives from the Greek word ‘meta’ meaning after and ‘physika’ meaning physics. One of the first metaphysicists was Paramenides. He claimed that the multiplicity of existing things, their changing forms and motion are but an appearance of a single eternal reality (being), giving rise to the Parmenidean principle that “all is one”. Various dictionaries trace its first appearance in English to the mid 16th century…

  5. Probably the best synonym for metaphysics is the name that Aristotle gave it – ‘first philosophy’. It deals with the kinds of questions that are too basic and fundamental for even the sciences to answer. It is a kind of foundation, and if you have a different foundation you may have very different buildings higher up.
    For example, science assumes that the universe makes sense and one that we can understand, that our perceptions are caused by an objective reality, and that what happened in the past and our memories of them can indicate what will happen in the future. But these are ASSUMPTIONS. What if they aren’t true? One of the most famous metaphysical questions is, “Why is there something instead of nothing?”
    Most religions and many philosophical systems have their own metaphysical beliefs. They explain why things are the way they are instead of something different. A person who describes himself as a metaphysicist is probably someone who studies these kinds of questions. And since anything supernatural is beyond the explanation of science (or else it would be ‘natural’ instead) some people who study supernatural phenomenon look to metaphysics for those explantions.


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