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what is meditation really like, is it true that astral projection is real and is it possible for everyone?

i would like to try it , what is it like, does it work and how?


  1. I burn a few spliff’s, then masturbate. Sends me out of this world… its like rigamortis has set in on me!

  2. There is NO scientific evidence for astral projection. And no, someone telling you that they managed to astrally project is called anecdote, and should not be trusted due to the mind’s ability to deceive itself.
    Perhaps you could learn science and do some real research into it when you grow up.
    Meditation is quite relaxing as many of my Buddhist friends have told me.

  3. Meditation is different for everyone. Although the technics are commonly practiced, the experience can be quiet different.The mind is the ultimate tool. How one uses it is the key. Astral projection is as real and possible for anyone who decides to and believes. Belief is the “juice” that powers the thought. “Expectation” is very powerful and drives energy on the quantum level. Using those two thought processes, most everything is possible.

  4. I have heard and know people who could do it I have never done it myself nor would I want to! Outer body experiences without God’s Spirit leading you is trading dangerous ground If God’s Spirit isn’t leading you and your in the Spirit world then who is?? It would have to be demons and if your body isn’t being protected by God then what is happening to your body while you are out of it with no one to protect it??? Seek to know Jesus who is God, and have everlasting life- not the paranormal.

  5. I’ll try to give a brief explanation.
    Imagine a seesaw, or an equilibrium, in perfect balance: This represents your current state of consciousness.
    Body l—————-lxl—————-l Mind
    At one end is your mind, at the other end is your body. Thus at your current state of consciousness you are receiving thoughts both directed from the mind and the body, thoughts which you may not even consciously acknowledge. Thus you are trapped in a state of recognition of both the body and the mind.
    If you want to eradicate thoughts from the mind, then one participates in physical exercise. This way the seesaw, or equilibrium, is shifted down, or left, in favour of the body. This is why exercise is a good stress relief, simply because it stops you from thinking.
    Body l—-lxl————————–l Mind
    Now, with meditation the purpose is to go the other way. We need to primarily shut off thoughts from the body in order to lose conscious awareness of it, this is done by relaxing the body. We relax the body by deep and slow breathing exercises. We also need to remove other external thoughts from our brain, this is the hardest bit which takes practice and tends to be easier if we focus on our breathing (we then forget about the other thoughts).
    Body l————————lxl—–l Mind
    The further along the scale we go, the deeper into meditation we submerge. If you feel yourself vibrating or tingling, then enjoy your OBE. 😉

  6. you can learn meditation here http://www.freemeditation.com/
    i think astral projection might be real but the only people i’ve met who have talked about it seemed like fruit-loops and i didn’t really believe them.
    But think about it. If your consciousness can leave your body do you think it would be a good idea to leave an ’empty’ body lying around?


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