Home Discussion Forum What is meditation and what can it do for you?

What is meditation and what can it do for you?

Why do monks meditate, what do they plane of achieving by doing so
Do meditation give people some kind of supernatural power


  1. No, it does NOT help, they are drowned in their sinful ways, they think they are achieving something.

  2. It’s a means of stilling the mind. Several religions believe meditation is useful on the path to enlightenment/liberation.
    Mainly, it’s useful to reduce stress. It doesn’t give people “supernatural powers.”

  3. Meditation refers to a range of practices that can mean many different things to different people. It’s usually some exercise that involves directing the mind to a specific task, such as concentrating on breathing, or visualizing an image.
    The main purpose of most meditation is to affect a change, either transitory or permanent, in mental states. Meditation can reduce stress, increase attention span, and help relieve anxiety. When practiced repeatedly over long periods of time it can lead to a radical difference in a person’s health and the way they perceive the world around them.
    One reason monks meditate is to change the mind into something more disciplined than it is in it’s natural state, usually for the sake of finding peace or some form of spiritual enlightenment.
    I do not believe that it gives you supernatural powers.

  4. Meditation is simply being still and listening. The saying is that “prayer is when we speak to god, meditation is when we listen”.
    Meditation is the process whereby we still ourselves and get in touch with our consciousness without interference from external stimuli. That is really all it is. The “supernatural power” is simply the awareness of what we are capable once once we free ourselves from excessive attachment to the material world. Not easy for products of Western culture, but meditation still gives us a safe haven for our inner peace.

  5. it is the same as praying, the same as relating to God or being. It isn’t about utilitarian achievement, in fact it is the exact opposite (infinite being, unclassifiable or measureable).
    It has been known to correlate to ‘supernatural powers’ (which can not be supernatural if we can come upon them naturally). But I don’t think the relationship is as direct as you might believe.

  6. Meditation means calming the mind and body and achieving a state of physical and mental peace.
    Anyone can practice it, you can be a religious believer or not, you can be a Christian, Buddhist, or any other faith.
    For beginners it’s best to go to a class where you will be guided by an
    experienced teacher. Buddhists often hold classes, there is no charge, but they will not refuse a donation.
    You can also go on Christian retreats where meditation is practiced and taught.
    The result of practiced meditation is better mental and physical discipline. It will not give you supernatural powers, but it may make you better able to cope with life’s day-to-day problems.

  7. There are different forms and reasons for meditation. Some of the new alternative medical stuff has methods to help you cope with stress or heal your body.
    But the kind done by monks and others for religious reason is in the Christian tradition called centering prayer. The goal of meditation is to get to a place of contemplation. And the goal of contemplation is union with God.
    We are human beings. WE do not have supernatural powers, only God does. But God can work through us if we are humble and open to being a vehicle of His healing Love.
    Here is a link to more information about centering prayer.

  8. The Buddha attained nibbana via the jhanas, which take extraordinary levels of concentration and mindfulness. Long-term meditation, then, is the development of the properties needed for nibbana.
    As for supernatural abilities, look up abhinna on wikipedia for starters 🙂

  9. Meditation is a way of stilling yourself and withdrawing your senses of the stuff around you and focusing them on the stuff within you. Monks meditate to become more in touch with themselves, and more in touch with God. It don’t matter what religion you are. Even Christians should meditate. Some disagree with it, but there are plenty of scriptural references to it. http://pages.prodigy.net/travis.ogletree/meditation.htm Some people chant a mantra while meditating. You should chant whatever name of God you believe in while meditating, because it helps keep you focused on God. Even if you chant Jesus Christ while meditating you can eventually realize God.

  10. This world
    It is a prison
    ruled by devil
    He makes us at birth ,
    in order to suffer during lifetime
    tempts us with the sinful pleasures of the world
    then in the end he kills us
    then again he revives us
    with a new body
    The flesh we have around us
    is a means , thru with the devil enjoys the world
    Its like a straw to sip coca cola
    we are all possessed by devil
    all of us
    are devils children
    But there is a way
    and the way is to transcend
    the flesh
    by denying the pleasures
    by suffocating the devil in us
    Thats what monks do
    Then meditation
    In which mind is stopped
    when body & mind both stop desiring
    and making thoughts,
    the person experiences
    from which a new you arises
    like a dead person coming out of grave
    with new life
    The new you is a free being
    rooted in eternity
    never to die again.
    Born again.
    A king asked Buddha the same question ,
    Buddha replied :
    The devil rules the world and Buddha agrees :

  11. Do you mean concentration meditation or insight meditation?
    Concentration meditation is for make your mind concentrate, strong and pure. This pure mind is good for do any work.
    An insight meditation is for seeing into your mind. Your mind is everything. Your happiness and suffering was produce in your mind.
    So something in your mind is a cause of your suffering. If you see into your mind with clear or pure mind so you can see the cause of your suffering and will destroy it. Once you destroy the cause of your suffering, you will met the happiness.
    This is something that the monk looking for.
    It not some kind of supernatural power.
    It’s a natural power of our mind.

  12. The structured practice of meditation is thought to go back 5’000 years with its development in India, culminating in its initial development by Hindus as a means of discerning the true nature of Brahman (or God) and its later development by the Buddha (Siddhartha Guatama) who reached ‘enlightenment’ by meditating under a Bodhi Tree, following years of disenchantment with established religious practices. hindu followers do believe meditation to be a means of getting closer to an understanding of a higher being (God).it is a gift of Hinduism to the world.so anyone can practice it….

  13. Meditation is placing one’s consciousness — his mind, his heart, his entire being — on God or on the Absolute Truth. While some people try to practice a silent form of meditation, they will generally find this very difficult, as the mind is very chaotic and difficult to focus and calm.
    At Lotus Garden Meditation Center, I learned the recommended form of meditation for the age we live in, which is so full of disturbances, externally and internally, called “Mantra Meditation.”
    Mantra = Man (mind) + tra = to draw the mind away from the material world. Meditation uses transcendental sound vibrations to help draw our mind from our worries and cares and place our focus on God.
    Mantras are actually names of God. Nobody can buy or sell a mantra. They descend from the spiritual realm and actually allow us to taste spiritual happiness.
    It is very difficult to calm our mind on our own strength and silently keep the mind steady and focused what to speak of peaceful and at rest. The mantras are names of God, glorification’s of God, or Prayers to God. The idea of true meditation is to focus the mind and heart on the spiritual dimension and God.
    Of course the names of God are not sectarian or belonging to any particular group. They are free, they are many, and they are pure and they are found in all the various teachings and scriptures of the world.
    Meditation is very simple and enjoyable to practice and when you have some understanding of the reason for and the meaning of these sacred sound vibrations I am sure you would find it very soothing and beneficial for calming the mind, focusing on the transcendental realm, and tasting inner peacefulness.

  14. Meditation is a state of mind which asks for nothing so also broods over nothing. Meditation doesn’t award anything because nothing is to be expected from it. Meditation brings you close to the reality so that you know who you are. It is like a neutral gear that consumes minimum fuel , keeps the engine on but doesn’t allow the vehicle to move but keeps it ready to move.

  15. Meditation doesn’t give you supernatural powers although it gives you an understanding of what you are that goes beyond our everyday ideas about ourselves. People meditate in order to become one with the all pervading power of the universe.

  16. What is meditation?
    I will talk about Vipassana meditation, the same that the Buddha taught and led him to enlightenment.
    Meditation is a technique to purify the mind, according to the Buddha our mind has the habit of generating craving for pleasant things and aversion for unpleasant things. So when you meditate you start stopping this habit from the mind and start becoming free from it.
    When this start to happens, your suffering diminish, step by step, slowly and progressively. Suffering is not only represented by pain, suffering has many aspects, like emotional suffering, mental suffering, physical suffering, with meditation you start seeing the cause of it and how to eradicate it.
    What can it do for you?
    It can do a lot of things, like improving your concentration, making you a better person and specially generating equanimity in the mind, which is the same as having a balanced mind in every situation. This helps you a lot in your daily life, as you become more tranquil and happy.
    Why do monks meditate? What do they plan of achieving by doing so?
    The ultimate purpose of a monk is to eradicate suffering completely using meditation, there are certain qualities monks develop that help them to achieve this and they are cultivated with meditation.
    Do meditation give people some kind of supernatural power?
    Having a calm mind in crazy times can be a supernatural power…he he he, anyway there are more benefits that don’t need to be supernatural like more awareness of yourself, improved concentration and a better understanding of your nature, of who you are. These surely can help anybody to be more efficient in life.


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