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what is meditation and the benifits from it?

I am looking for something to help me reduce stress, help me focus and is easy to do every day. I am not flexable at all, so I don’t think I can do yoga. But with 2 high wired kids I need something to help me relax,refocus, and destress desperately! Please help.
Could you add details as to how to meditate please I have never done it and don’t know where to start


  1. Anyone can do Yoga. It isn’t a competitive sport. You do not judge yourself or compare yourself to others in Yoga.
    Meditation has numerous benefits. I won’t try to defend any of the spiritual stuff. Just think of it a a gentle mind bath. It helps you stops the ceaseless internal chatter that interferes with direct perception of truth. By itself, that helps reduce stress and restore vitality.

  2. meditation is very relaxing. it involves you clearing your mind and entering an altered state of consciousness. the beginners yoga isn’t that hard (you don’t have to be that flexible). there are several methods of meditation. do a yahoo search of ‘meditation’ and you will find several how to pages and find what works best for you. personally, I use meditation to relax and to learn, by contacting my spirit guide (I’m wiccan). best of luck with your findings. have fun!

  3. Meditation is a technique that is intended to clear your mind of all chatter and opens you up to understanding your innerself. You can definately reduce stress, heighten your awareness, and sharpen your insight/wisdom. Theres a lot of articles on the internet, and in books, on “how to meditate,” but I actually would not recommend these to start off because most include steps that are not required and complicates the point. Instead, you should develop your own meditation style that suits your needs (this is most important), as the more personal it is to you, the more powerful it becomes. Heres a guideline on what you might do:
    1.) Sit comfortably in a chair with your feet flat on the ground and your legs uncrossed. You may also lie down. You can also sit in a lotus or half-lotus position (you can find photos on how to do this on the internet). My suggestion, do whatever is most comfortable for you.
    2.) Close your eyes and breathe gently
    3.) Relax your body by shifting your awareness from the top of your head and slowly down to your legs, intending to relax every muscle in your body.
    4.) Clear your inner chatter, relax, and let go the burdens of your life. Try to silence your inner chatter (this takes time, but continued practice will help with this). Sometimes I imagine myself in a void, again, do whatever feels right for you.
    5.) At this point, you can do what you will. Let your thoughts flow freely. For stress, I recommend visualizing something like a peaceful forest, or the ocean, or you can just stay silent.
    Again, make meditation personal, do not take my guideline literally. The intent is to clear your thoughts so that you can be aware, and that is all there is to meditation. I recommend that you do meditation on a daily basis, as this will alleviate many problems in day to day living. Maybe a few minutes before you goto bed, or you can do it in the morning.

  4. Meditation is being fully in the present moment, without thinking or judging. It is like being in a witness state, where you observe everything inside and outside of you, without reacting. The effects of such a meditation will show quickly in all aspects of our life – as inner peace, joy and balance.
    This meditation state is known as a “thoughtless awareness”. In the state of thoughtless awareness we think neither of the past nor of the future. We are entirely in the present moment, in the state of being and do not waste the precious moments of life thinking about times that are finished forever or yet to come. We start enjoying our Self, our Spirit, our own inner beauty and the beauty of creation. We start to enjoy being. Visit http://www.chicagoyoga.org – they have an excellent online meditation tutorial.


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