What is meant by kundalini and has any one experienced it.?

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Does any one really know what this phenomena is?

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Orgasm supremo!
You will be told by those who pursue it or at least believe in it’s existence that kundalini is a latent energy that lies within us all at the base of our spines which is on most occurrences released by certain forms of yoga. In my opinion, attempting to achieve such “liberating” practices only leads to a complete cognitive collapse. Although I’m sure you could conjure some consciousness altering chemical explosion in your brain by contemplating the wonders of existence whilst holding your body in regimented contortions, I wouldn’t advise it. Yes, plenty of people have experienced kundalini but it is likely that really they just slipped into catatonia from constant ego destroying introspection and their guru proclaimed them to be enlightened,
I do not spurn the benefits of correct meditation or yoga. They are evident. But when one tries to actively, consciously achieve an experience from such practices. It is contradictory and destructive.

Priest of the Goddess

Kundalini is the Shakti power, the energy that brings all into existence and animates all things, it is the life force, the Divine Feminine, it is also our birthright and should not be feared, if not for Kundalini Shakti there would truly be nothing.


All universal faculties are concentrated as the force of life inside a human body which the scriptures term as the vital power (Pran Shakti).
The condensed form of the same vital forces is known as ‘Kundalini Shakti’ which is the rock bottom of all the energies and power of action inherent in a human being.
As this divine power remains dormant just like the coil of a snake, it has been designated as ‘Kundalini Shakti’ or the ‘serpent Power’.
There are several means to reach this goal – through Mantra, through Diksha ( or transfer of Divine energy from Guru to disciple), Kriya Yog, Prannayam, Ras Vigyan (use of consecrated and Samskarised mercury) and even Ayurvedic herbs and potions.


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