What IS magick?

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I was wondering just what magick is. As I’ve been taught, magick is an energy that flows throughout everything, and that a witch is one who is capable of manipulating this energy to reach a goal.
What do you think magick is?
Oh, and if you’re going to say that it’s Satan’s tricks, you can save your breath. We’ve pretty much tuned that nonsence out.
A wiccan or pagan answer would be nice, but it’s really targeting anyone who know’s anything about magick (and no, I’m not spelling it wrong)

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It’s just mind trick that “magicians” pull on people.


she kissed me


Magick is using your will to change your enviorment / experiences!
There are some schools of thought that say every action we take is a type of magick. Everything from getting a glass of water to driving a car! After all we do nothing without first having the desire form in our mind and our body taking the action to bring about the desired effect!


magick? you mean magic right?
its a trick its all a trick, but its not, nothing is a trick, just reactions, and atomic forces which are at work
you know once fire was considered magick


Its a new word meaning ‘magic’ made up by the pathetic pagans who had to make it sound cooler to make up for the fact that it describes something that doesn’t exist.


You have to target your question. Who do you want to answer that question? Your description is very New Age, Wiccan with strong roots in the older religions that practice stuff akin to magic. But another good description of magic in this sense is good ol Yoda describing the force in Star Wars. But hey, ultimately the answer comes from your own communion with the universe and the answers that you get that way.


i dont believe in actual magic at all really. any magic that there is in the world is slight-of-hand or tricks. very impressive sometimes none-the-less though.

Barry Calvin

Congratulations on tuning out Christianity. I notice you still embrace supernatural twaddle.


M-A-G-I-C magic you cant spell kid

Job Lowe

I think it’s pretty much b.s. At the smallest level matter is made up of vibrations and that’s about where we part company. I’m not spitting on anybody’s religion but I just can’t buy in to the whole voo-doo, flow of energy, power crystal, mumbo jumbo. I’m just not feeling it. I think I’d rather go sit in a church.

Dark Hollow

Pretty much what you said. The only magick I do is exchange energy with my Goddess. It gives me strength, helps me focus and helps me release whatever is bothering me.
EDIT: Ignorant! There is a difference between magic and magicK people… shows what you know!!!!


If you don’t want the truth, why do you ask the question???


It’s focusing your Energies and releasing them, when ready, to the Universe, to manifest your desires…wonderful!

Lorenzo Steed

I think you are referring to The Force. Beware the Dark Side.

Maria Isabel

There are many answers to this that are truthful:
Magick is change, and change is magick.
Magick is prayer with tools.
Magick is utilizing nature’s elements to create a desired change.
Magick is the life, death and rebirth in all of nature.
Here are some things magick is NOT:
Magick is not waving a wand and making a car fly up into the air.
Magick is not an answer to a question that can’t be answered such as “How did he do that?”
Magick is not the invoking of demons to get what one wants.
You may IM me if you have more questions about magick. Blessed Be.


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