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What is Life? Can everything we call "Spirit" be composed of Tachyons? Can the Seven Heavens be in HyperSpace?

What are the implications if life consists of sentient tachyon particles or energies? That become more and more sentient the higher their energy? How would we assess the degree of sentience? What practical uses would this knowledge have? Consider that supposed illiterate Ancients knew this thousands of years ago.
If Life is a wave/particle phenomenon, like other forms of energy we are used to dealing with, what sort of phenomena should we be expecting?
I mean based on resonance, radiation, destructive and constructive interference, heterodyning, harmonics, compression and expansion of wavelength, acceleration and deceleration of frequency, and so on?
Has anyone given these postulate any thought- perhaps done work to verify or refute them?
The Spirit of God, besides the spirit of Man would have the ability to sense and act faster than the speed of light.
Some people have testified to being taken in Visions across the Solar System. Bill Schnoebelen went to Saturn to be Marked by “Lucifer.” Kenneth E. Hagin went with Jesus to Heaven top receive his “Special Anointing to Heal the Sick,” and described walking through the atmosphere and through the stars to look back on them “like the lights of a town seen at night from a hilltop.”
The distances involved would take more time than in implied in their experience of these visions to have had, if their minds were not being induced to track faster than the Speed of Light. If you were to visualize the distance to the Sun- 100 million miles- it should take you eight minutes if you were thinking at the speed of light.
I think that the mind is capable of visulizing such distances much faster than that, that this would prove that the Human mind can think faster than Light Speed.


  1. tachyon
    a hypothetical “particle” from 1950’s sci-fi
    such a particle defies the laws of physics and quantum mechanics in every way

  2. Tachyon particles are entirely hypothetical and have nothing to do with sentience or life.
    Who on Earth are these “Ancients”?
    Seriously, dude, I don’t think you have a clue about physics, you’re just throwing terms out there.

  3. I’ve almost created my genuine 4 dimensional Klein surface, and after that, once I construct a functional tesseract, I’ll be better able to test your hypothesis. I’ll get back to you on this. But for now, I must boldly travel into the future (at the astonishing rate of one second per second); Everyone, stand back!
    Edit: Alright, having traveled some short distance into the future, I can safely say that none of the portions of my spirit traveled faster than the speed of light that I was aware of. Part of the definition of tachyons is that these particles/waves would travel faster than photons. Hold on, let me check with the chemical receptors between my synapses and the cellular spark plugs of my neurons….Nope, all brain functions are occurring at sublight speeds.

  4. How about? What is the speed of thought? Ever consider that one? Because the evidence you have shown me is….it is definatley NOT a constant. LOL

  5. The “Speed of Thought” is obviously variable.
    Since Time only passes as we allow it to pass- by default one second per second, or one hour per hour- the concept of there being a limit to how fast or how slowly humans can think is ludicrously foolish.
    With concentration, anyone can experience The Nine Time Vectors:
    Future to Past; Future to Present; Future to Future;
    Present to Past; Present to Present; Present to Future;
    Past to Past; Past to Present; Past to Future.
    However, when TELEKINESIS is active in a mind that has a firm conception of the Nine Time Vectors, Time can be Telekinetically manipulated into following these directions.
    For instance, supposing someone were infected, poisoned, shot, impaled, blown up, irradiated, sliced, diced, dessicated, run over, dropped from a great height, and whatever else Unbelievers consider to be Certain Death, and Completely Hopeless, and such rot….
    One need only *Stop the World,* or *Overcome the World,* as The Bible puts it, and *telekinetically* reverse Time, undoing the whatever bodily damage. One would, naturally require access to The 3rd Talent of Power, and therefore be used to *operating* one’s Physical Body from the outside.
    1. HEIGHTENED AWARENESS: Total Recall and Total Concentration.
    2. *SEEING:* ESP ability to perceive anything that exists or existed,
    and analyze its life energy composition- thus proving the difference
    between true visions (which have the full range of energy signatures,)
    and false visions (which contain only the signature of the being who created it,)
    analogous to detecting the pixellation of faked photos.
    3. ANGEL DEPLOYMENT: The Telekinetic ability to create an energy body, and act through it at remote distances.
    4. TELEPORTATION: The ability to dematerialize one’s body to pure Life Energy, and to rematerialize it elsewhere in the current Universe.
    5. TRANSLATION: The ability to teleport into the “Higher Universes” (i.e. Heaven).
    6-10. TRANSFIGURATION: The simultaneous triggering of all these abilities with a “jump” of one’s energy content from 50% to 100% in an instant. “Cosmic Awareness.” “Everlasting Life.”
    THE TOTAL IDIOT laughs this Knowledge off: “That’s rubbish! I’m not learning any of THAT..!” This fool comes back to us years down the road, his beloved wife or daughter or somethink is DYING of something. He comes, bowing and scraping, and anything else he has read up or heard somewhere: “Please help ME! have mercy on ME!! If they die, it will be so terrible for ME!!!”
    To HIM, all the blasphemous stuff he said as an arrogant, impetuous, ignorant youth with his pals in college, or down the pub, were JUST GAS. Vibrations of sound that have died away. He might not even remember what all he said. IT IS NOT LIKE THAT TO GOD.
    Those things are like a banner flag erected- still up there like they were put up TODAY- because when you invoke GOD, your ENTIRE TIMELINE is psychometrically engaged. EVERYTHING is IMMEDIATELY under Judgment. An inexperienced Believer would not know to see beyond the tears and apparently contrite attitude, and never suspect what a *MESS* this [*Bleep!*]ard is trying to hang on his tow rope, so to speak.
    When the results fall short of what is desired, the fellow reverts to type, and says to his mates- who did totally nothing for him- “I KNEW ALL ALONG they couldn’t possibly do anything!”
    We see here, Unbelievers who DEMAND rewards that have to be EARNED, PREPARED FOR, and WON ON BATTLEFIELDS, and arrogantly declare: “GOD! If you’re real, MANIFEST Ya’self to ME, right now!” As they would not dare talk to an Earthly Ruler, an Employer, or their own Elder relatives. Yet they expect results!
    For instance, Moses went up Mount Sinai and was with God for forty days and forty nights- neither eating nor drinking. The average Atheist is quite sure that were THEY present at that time, HE or SHE could have just marched up the mountain next to to Moses, and walked up to God’s manifestation, and sneered at It: “So YOU’RE God? Huh. You don’t look like much!”
    Without the preparation of a life of Righteousness at least- the state just short of Holiness- the chances of surviving such an encounter is very slim. It would be like taking a credit card or a magnetic tape to a pwerful magnet. The information in its magnetic components would be corrupted instantly. The carefully constructed personality programming is ALWAYS altered. To a Filthy or Unjust person, this can be fatal, because so many “programmes” would be corrupted, the mind could forget how to breathe, or how to pump blood with a heart, and so on.
    Being taught Righteousness is the first step in learning to be completely aware of every one of your faculties, their operations in Time and Space, and how these operations can be manipulated from their normal animal default progressions, into more important sequences. It is stupid to just stop at the door, as it were, and go

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