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it had been said that if we will awaken our kundali than we will get supreme knowledge and will be englightment like buddha?
please give me detail of this process?

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Kundalini is the serpent power which lies coiled up at the base of your spine. This is to be awakened by a spiritual Guru only. You can try out various techniques of meditation and practice prescribed and raise the power towards the higher planes.
To know about such things from a book or a site would be dangerous since it involves a path which is difficult to follow so avoid it. Hope you find a guru who would teach you that!!!

James D Albright

The practice of yoga is how Buddhists get in touch with the demons that they are entertaining, who are only lying to you. They want you to become side tracked from the truth of Jesus Christ and end up in the lake of fire with them.
James D Albright

Max P

Yoga is not Buddha’s teachings. I think you must have read another book which is not the teaching of Buddha.
Please go to this site. It’s a really really good website.

Lilith D

The four noble truths and the eightfold path are the way to enlightenment.


The Buddha did not reach enlightenment through kundalini yoga or chakra healing.
There are many spiritual practices in the East. There are also different kinds of Buddhism. If you want to study any of the various forms of yoga, you need to research first which is most suitable for you. Start at your local library and take out books on these subjects. There is much too much involved to explain in a posting here.


Kundalini Yoga is very difficult to try.If wrongly practised without Proper hep from a qualified,competent teacher ( a lot of bogus and fraud Gurus are available around the corners) one may get mental problems.


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