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what is kundalini ?

what is awanenning of kundalini ? how it works ?


  1. In Hinduism, it’s an energy coiled up inside the body, much like a snake.
    It’s an envisioned as a serpent wrapped up around your spine.

    Kundalini is a part of the subtle body along with chakras and nadis. A number of models of this esoteric anatomy occur in the class of texts known as Āgamas or Tantras. This is a large body of scripture, which is rejected by many orthodox brahmins, according to Flood.
    There are numerous models of kundalini in the Sanskrit source texts. In early texts there are various systems of chakras and nadis, with varying connections between them. An early version of the nadi system is mentioned in the Chandogya Upanishad, which says:
    “ A hundred and one are the arteries of the heart, one of them leads up to the crown of the head. Going upward through that, one becomes immortal. ”
    Over time one system of six or seven chakras along the body’s axis became the dominant model, adopted by most schools of yoga. This particular system may have originated in about the 11th century AD, and rapidly became widely popular. It is in this model where Kundalini is said to “rise” upward, piercing the various centers until reaching the crown of the head, resulting in union with the Divine. This is the conventional arrangement cited by Monier-Williams, where the chakras are defined as “6 in number, one above the other”.
    The most famous of the Yoga Upanishads, the Yogatattva, mentions four kinds of yoga, one of which being laya-yoga, the symbolic dissolution (laya) of the universe visualized within the body with a corresponding raising of a corporeal energy known as Kundalini.
    Another source text for the concept of kundalini is the Hatha Yoga Pradipika written by Swami Svatmarama (English translation, 1992) somewhere between the twelfth and fifteenth centuries

  2. Kundalini the life force,
    it is the serpent, it is the energy.
    The energy starts at the base of the spine and is awaken through meditation, yoga or some other means. The energy will then travel up through the spine awakening up the chackras that is passes through.
    The higher the Kundalini goes the more chackra is awakened, the higher it goes, the more enlightened the individual is supposed to be.


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