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What is Kundalini Yoga?


  1. Kundalini yoga is a physical and meditative discipline within the tradition of Yoga, associated with the subdivision of Hatha yoga, but more closely associated with Raja Yoga and the sutras of Patanjali. It describes a set of yoga exercises and meditations which are also sometimes referred to as Kriya Yoga or simply kriyas.
    According to Hindu tradition Kundalini yoga is a pure spiritual science that leads to enlightenment and God-Realization under the guidance of a Spiritual Master. The awakening of kundalini means awakening of inner knowledge In Hindu tradition, the techniques are only communicated from Master to disciple once the disciple is deemed ready. Ignorance or refusal to follow instructions of a master, or practicing of methods without a living and self-realized master, can lead to a series of psychic disturbances and sometimes even mental damage. The conditions are also known in psychiatric circles as Kundalini Syndrome.
    Kundalini Yoga has been documented for its many health benefits in improving mental and physical well-being, including asthma, diabetes, pain, stress-related diseases, extensive benefits for healing addictive behavior, and treating mental disorders

  2. There can also be uncontrollable body motions, strange utterances, spontaneous chanting, and other physical phenomena as well, as the body is being purified through various kriyas, or intense spiritual challenges and their pyscho-emotional counterparts. While it can be quite disturbing to an individual, especially if they are not aware of the reason or purpose for the disturbances, it is also a time of immense purification on many levels.


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