What is kundalini serpent?

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A snake found in Colonel Angus’ yard.

\/\/3b |

Energy that is coiled at the base of the spine, or so Wikipedia claims.

Special Child

Atheists serpent.

♥ŠΛҒİ♥ ☼Ầтĥěαтi☼

Did you read about it on the Fundalini pages?


The kundalini serpent is the serpent on the staff in the OT that Moses raised up in the desert. Ones who look on it will be healed. It’s also inside us, coiled up at the bottom of our spine (the staff. As we go through various yoga moves targeting the chakras from the root to the crown all the way up the central nervous system, this is said to raise the serpent on the staff (spine) and we’re healed by it. Really, what these yoga moves are doing, are pushing tension out of our central nervous system so we’re free of tension and get healed in some ways. The Bible just leaves out details such as the chakras and how to raise the serpent on the staff.

Torin MacGregor

Literally, kundalini means “coiled” or “serpent” or a combination of both and the power of such. There are yoga references to “kundalini” that indicate the snake is a root chakra.
There are many cultures that veiw certain serpents in god like status, or as holy symbols.
Quetzecouatl was a winged serpent that was symbolic of a god that was low enough to crawl on the ground while devine enough to fly to the heavens.
The serpent also has sexual references in tantric practices. Some have enterpreted the “Fall of Adam and Eve” to have sexual implications (the serpent enticed Eve and Adam followed Eve’s desires)
I’m not sure what context you are asking about the kundalini serpent. I hope this helps.


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