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What is Kundalini Awakening?

What’s it like to experience?
Is it a bad thing?


  1. From what I know, Kundalini Awakening is when the coil of energy at the base of your spine rises up and stimulates all of your chakras. A Kundalini awakening is viewed as a very good thing, especially in the Indian cultures, because once you awaken, you achieve true happiness, peace and understanding. It is the ultimate achievement.
    Sometimes your kundalini may start to rise in part of the awakening, and you may get something called kundalini syndrome… I think. But anyway, it’s when the energy doesn’t flow correctly up the spine, and many people have reported feeling: dissasociation, anxiety, paranoia, depression and headaches.
    Aside from that, a Kundalini Awakening is brought on with deep meditation accompanied with certain mantras and sounds all at the same time. The awakening is a very delicate process to stimulate.
    I hope that makes sense.

  2. From my Christian viewpoint, I have to say that it’s a bad thing. Don’t even consider going there. I have to warn you of these things, because some experiences are definitely best avoided. These are the things that come under the category of ‘occult’ which means, in God’s language ‘forbidden’. If you override this ban, you will suffer the consequences, no matter what good things they promise you.
    Now I’ve given you the warning, let me tell you what I know about the kundalini awakening. Hindus believe that there’s a snake asleep at the base of a person’s spine, in a ‘chakra’ and that this snake (the kundalini) can be awoken by deep meditation and, when it does, it moves up through the spine chakras and emerges at the last chackra, which is in the forehead. Then it opens the ‘third eye’.
    Now, we are talking about a snake, here, the very symbol of evil, so even commonsense ought to tell you something. If the kundalini snake is awakened through a person going into this ‘deep meditation’ – ie. making contact with the spirit world (ie. evil spirits, not ‘angels’), then the spirit influence awakens in a person and travels into the mind, the seat of who he is. He becomes driven by that spirit. He also sees the world of spirits – not always a good thing!
    This is the reason for the mental and emotional problems which involvement with spirits brings. People who mess with these things – which are too strong for them – become overcome by them and the only real cure is deliverance.
    Don’t believe all the ‘peace, sweetness and light’ stuff. It’s a con. There is no real peace when you have a snake inside you – how can there be? Ask them, isn’t kundaline a snake?

  3. My experience is that it’s beautiful beyond words. Unlike the previous answer suggests, it’s actually highly compatible with Christianity – to a close approximation, it _is_ the highly misunderstood Holy Spirit. Switch the two terms throughout the Bible and you won’t go far wrong. The “fruits of the spirit” verse answers your question especially well ( http://bible.cc/galatians/5-22.htm ). The Bible’s fine about this stuff. At random, here’s Moses raising his kundalini: http://bible.cc/john/3-14.htm , cross reference it with Numbers 21. Zechariah 4 even details the chakra system and ida and pingala channels. The whole of Revelations is a kundalini handbook. It’s fine…

  4. Practitioners of Kundalini Yoga warn that Kundalini is very powerful and that one should not seek to awaken it without professional guidance. As Kundalini rises through the chakras, it can become an increasingly intense experience both physically and emotionally, and some believe that it can be harmful if not done correctly and with caution. Kundalini awakening is also said to be a lengthy, often lifelong, process.
    Some attested side effects to Kundalini awakening include tingling sensations, gastrointestinal problems, headache, depression, mood swings, and anxiety, among others. It is important to secure both a spiritual leader and a doctor that you trust before seriously embarking on Kundalini work, as diagnosing any medical problems possibly related to Kundalini is a delicate issue by nature. Practitioners of Kundalini awakening claim that it can have amazing benefits in every area of one’s life, but it is always advised to consult with your doctor before beginning any new physical activity.

  5. Waking up to the energy that is…..you and ….everything.
    Very blissful and natural.
    Is sexual energy a “bad thing”? : ) After all it is the power behind all of creation, the snake uncoiling, flowing, pulsing, and rising into existence.

  6. No words to explain the bliss and you experience it, through a MASTER.
    It is the coiled serpent -spiritual energy sleeping in root chakra and made to travel upwards through other spinal spiritual centres to 1000 petalled crown chakra like a Lotus

  7. When the kundalini awakens it raises up the spinal cord, piercing the seven chakras, the seventh one being the Sahastrara which connects with the all pervading power.
    You become flooded with a sense of well being to begin with and you feel a cool breeze coming out of the Sahastrara chakra on the fontanelle bone.
    Afterwards of course you can go much deeper and experience the pure qualities which emanate from all the chakras which also sit in you head.
    You can feel the vibrations of everything around you as either a cool breeze or if there is a blockage of negativity you feel tingling or burning in your fingertips.
    Each finger, toe and various other points register the chakra and its condition. Each chakra controls the plexuses and organs of our physical body.
    So you can discriminate. (and cure)
    You can be the instrument in giving the experience to others.
    The kundalini is our Spiritual Mother.
    It has been refered to in many different scriptures from many diverse cultures. However the Hindus seem to be the most knowledgeable.
    It is the breath of God. The Param Chaitanya. The Holy Spirit. Rew.The serpent power. The sacred Tree.There are so many references.
    The most important thing is that everyone should experience it. Now is the time.
    Many children are born realized in this period. That is they are born with their kundalini already fully awake. They are great ancient souls.
    The Kundalini is the instrument placed within us by God. It corresponds with our evolution….and now is the time for it to rise collectively.


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